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Thread: An article on gun laws

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adolith View Post
    And with only one party left after "shoot to kill", finding out the truth is going to be hard. Will we ever know what Diden from the link above did in the garage? Nope. Could be criminal intent, could be not. Does a persons right to live end when he enters another mans property?


    And I don't need to be a gun expert to make that comment tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adolith View Post
    I am just glad if I never have to visit the US.
    The odds of you being shot down randomly on some typical visit to the U.S. isso small, it's completely negligible.

    Unless your visit involves regular commission of drug crimes inlow-socioeconomic neighborhoods of our less prosperous cities (i.e. Detroit),you're more likely to be hit by lighting than to be shot on any such visit.

    At some point, hyperbole and exaggeration, fed by a hilariously tabloid mediahungry to get ratings, should stop being accepted as universal truth about life in the U.S.

    Those at most risk here are either potential suicides (which make up a huge portion of gun-related deaths here), or poor or minorities engaged in drug crime in low socioeconomic locales. If you're outside those two groups, you have a very, VERY small chance of ever being effected by gun violence here.

    Random acts of gun violence perpetrated by people you don't know, while flashytv fodder and of course horribly sad, are statistically insignificant here.



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