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Thread: Warships - Armchair Admirals ahoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caldrion Dosto View Post
    It looks to be where paint has been scraped of. Probably just surface rust, it happen even to freshly made steal, which is put on transports or short storage. Nothing that bits in thought.

    tl dr quick polish and is fine.
    Nah, they should use a laser.

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    WTF I hate white people now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by VARRAKK View Post
    Rust is not even a problem to deal with.
    Gotta measure the hull now to make sure it is not been bent.
    That's no problem. Wasn't one of the old Oslo Class frigates unable to go in a straight line, after it got bent out of shape after a whops on a skerry?
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    But islamism IS a product of class warfare. Rich white countries come into developing brown dictatorships, wreck the leadership, infrastructure and economy and then act all surprised that religious fanaticism is on the rise.
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    walrus isnt a bad poster.
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    also i like walrus.
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    Yer a hoot

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    USS Raven and USS Cardinal two Coastal Minehunters headed to Bahrain for a homeport shift on top of the Blue Marlon a Heavylift Ship.

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    dude, where is my plane?

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