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Thread: CSM 7 Spring Summit Review - Part I

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    April 10, 2011

    CSM 7 Spring Summit Review - Part I

    I always try to do a look back on thе summits аnd keep folks up to date on what the CSM is doing but I had to wait a couple days to get it cleared by CCP Xhagen before publishing. It went live earlier today. This is the opening paragraph:

    Hello, spaceship fans. So after a week in Iceland, I am back home for a day before I get on more planes to fly away again to visit the capitol of Freedomland for a week. My twitter location reads 'always on the move' and that is holding very true right now. So before I fly away again, I wanted to do a brain dump about the past week while the memories are still fresh. This blog is not intended in any way to replace the official meeting minutes, which we are hoping to get out in the next few weeks (more on that later). I simply want to give everyone my impressions of what took place in and out of the office so you can gauge the overall feel of how things went and get a glimpse into the doings of your elected representatives.

    Yes, this is long so TLDR - People talked about EVE; things will change. Not all at once. We had drinks.
    I got about 4600 words into it with lots of pics before I had to stop due to travel plans.


    I will have Part 2 up this weekend. In the meantime, enjоy.

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    You too good for the other thread? But good read, thanks for the update, cant wait to read the rest.



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