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Thread: CSM 7 Summer Summit Agenda

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    CSM 7 Summer Summit Agenda

    (because they cbf posting it here themselves)
    Quote Originally Posted by Seleene
    This is the finalized schedule for CSM 7's trip to Iceland in two weeks. We have been informed that EVE Senior Producer Jon Lander will be present for nearly every session along with 'decision makers' for each of the topics under discussion.

    Please note that several of these sessions are 'linked' to individual discussion threads so that the CSM can follow feedback on those topics more directly.

    Wednesday, May 30th

    CSM Introduction - An introduction / greeting session with the new CSM. Typical fare for the first session in every CSM summit.

    CSM White Paper - A meeting with the CSM managers on the current state of the CSM and what the future holds.

    What is a Stakeholder? - We will be speaking with CCP with regard to how, exactly, they see the CSM's role as a 'stakeholder' and how to best develop that role.

    Winter 2012 Expansion - CCP will discuss their plans for the 2012 Winter Expansion with the CSM.

    EVE Future - CCP will present their plans for EVE beyond the Winter 2012 expansion.

    The State of Incarna - The CSM does not want to be in the dark about where CCP is looking to take this feature.

    Live Events - A discussion regarding the future of EVE Dev-run live events on TQ.

    Thursday, May 31st

    DUST 514 - The CSM will be speaking with the Executive Producer of DUST, live from Shanghai, and other members of the DUST team about their plans.

    Starbase / POS Re-Work - LEGO houses in space. Let's make it happen.

    Industry & Mining - When the shooting is done, someone has to re-build everything. The mechanics, UI and content for this area of the game all need a look at.

    EVE U.I. - We are going to dig deeper into the future of how the game looks and plays.

    Null Sec - Will Winter be the TotalHellDeath patch? What is 'The Ultimate Plan' for where CCP sees 0.0 heading?

    Corporation Mechanics - This area of the game is a mess. The CSM wants to see several dozen improvements in this area to make life easier for everyone.

    War Decs / Crimewatch - How to continue to make this more better good.

    Friday, June 1st

    Faction Warfare - What are the plans for post-Inferno work here?

    EVE Art - How EVE looks is a big part of the production chain; touching base with these guys always seems to pay off.

    Ship Balance & Iteration - The CSM will sit down with the ~balance bros~ and talk about spaceship power grids and CPUs and slot layouts and all that good stuff.

    Content - The EVE Content team will talk to the CSM about their plans for the next 12 months.

    EVE Security - The EVE Security Team will talk to the CSM about catching bad guys, killing bots, etc...

    New Player Experience (NPE) - What is the ideal situation with it if there were unlimited resources? What would CCP like to do with the NPE and where is is going, if anywhere?

    EVE Economy - Numbers Numbers Numbers Numbers Numbers Numbers.
    Each of these sessions run from 60-90 minutes in length. Feel free to use this thread to make suggestions as to what you would like to see emerge from these sessions and the CSM will do our best to inform you with what information we can as soon as we can.
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    Sorry, I actually just came here to post this, thanks for putting it up!

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    Will there be more than 1.5 people on ship balance iteration for the next cycle?

    When are the aggression/sec changes coming? I want to PvP in lowsec and not become locked out of highsec.
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    As a semi-active roleplayer, thank you for including live events, content and FW in your agenda.



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