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Thread: [TMA] Selling researched BPOs and BPCs

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    June 7, 2011

    [TMA] Selling researched BPOs and BPCs

    As the title states. I'm curious about a few aspects:

    1) Is there some reason why people research say, hurricane BPOs, to some high ME, like 40-50 where the savings over an ME of 20 is on the order of 20k isk?

    2). What's a reasonable rate per ME/PE level researched on a BPO/BPC?

    3). How's the market for researched BPO/BPCs? Any guidelines on minimum/acceptable ME/PE levels?

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    April 11, 2011
    1. Because people are retarded.

    Also, because there is an extra slot and a unused bpo: what to do what to do?

    2. It is better to look at tower time instead of levels. Certain bpos take forever to research (eg. titans) and ME2 PE0 is as good as it gets. Others research so fast that ME100 PE100 don't really matter.

    3. Check BPC contracts for a rough idea for the market. There is no universal rule outside of supply and demand, as there are excesses/lack of certain bpos simply due to market swings. For example, researched super carrier bpo can be bought at NPC price because there is no demand for those ships after nerf.

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    you wont get rich doing this. Its mostly a buyers market and the returns are low.

    FOTM BS BPOs can be in high demand. Problem is that it takes a long time to get the bpos to acceptably high me/pe and then it takes even longer to sell. The sort of profit we are talking about is the equivalent of a few lvl 4s (and doing the missions is a lot easier and arguably entertaining).

    Supercap bpo copying used to be pretty plush passive isk. Titans still are but nyx bpcs that take 5 weeks to copy now sell for 150m or less.

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    1. If people buy researched BPOs, they will of course buy those with the highest available ME. Even if some batshit insane ME levles of 100+ make no sense from a production point of view, they might be somewhat useful if you want to sell the BPO and and have an edge over your competitors.
    2. depends on the item, really. For tech 1 ammo, ME is quickly researched and should be close to optimal.
    With ships it depends on the ship size and the time needed to research to find a reasonable ME (personally, my rule of thumb is : 15 for frigs, 10 for cruisers and battlecruisers. I don't build anything larger than BCs, though).
    A reasonable ME for modules/weapons depends also very much on the specific modules, and sometimes it just doesn't make sense to research those BPOs at all.
    3. Just build the stuff yourself. Aquire minerals via buyorders and sell the stuff in minor mission hubs, as far away from any tradehub as possible to get the best profit per job.

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    if you look up the blueprint on something like chruker's website, it will tell you things like the perfect and optimal ME/PE levels. Perfect being 0% waste, optimal being when you're better using it as is, rather than researching more.

    some small rig blueprints do not need ME at all. Other things, there are points where researching ME past a certain point, you are only saving on tritanium, or other low value minerals, so you might want to stop there.

    for bpcs, then ME/PE isn't always an issue. Because of invention. You want maximum runs per copy for invention, the ME/PE doesn't matter for invention, so people doing invention will buy ME/PE 0 bpcs, as long as they have max runs. You can sell ship bpcs up to cruiser size with ME/PE 0 for invention, don't think I've seen anyone selling battlecruiser or battleship size bpcs like that though. (possibly because invention of such is very low volume)



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