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Thread: The Serious Mental Health Thread

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    December 15, 2011
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    Interesting concept. I must admit I am/was skeptical, but when I thought about it, I kinda realized that I use the /bipolar subreddit in much the same way. I've been through a journey from thinking that "everybody feels this way"(depression and hypomania as a teenager) to "holy fuck I am a freak I must bury this inside" (dealing with depression, hypomania and suicidal ideation as an adult). I suppose a controlled and facilitated group session is somewhat different than a uncontrolled, unfacilitated and random subreddit filled with to a varying degree of stable/unstable people.

    Hm. Thanks for this - it's food for thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiodome View Post
    i'm guessing by that you mean 'go around the circle one at a time, everyone says something'? which i agree with, no-one needs to be pressured into shit. the flip side though is when you have people that want to join in, but would never want to interrupt or speak up if someone else is already talking. i know a couple of people who were quite involved and chatty when it was 7-8 people, but now it's more that double that don't get involved at all (and you can't really turn people away because it's 'full'). so trying to make space for people without dictating who talks and what is talked about is what i'm grappling with.
    Could you hold two meetings back to back, bringing numbers down to 9 or so? Or just lengthen the time slot and make it a "drop in" session where people can come and go?



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