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Thread: The Serious Mental Health Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keckers View Post
    I've meditated in some form since I had mental health problems at university. I get some solace from it but it doesn't really help much in the grander scheme of things.

    Currently I'm flicking between states of extreme anxiety and feeling too exhausted to be anxious. I'm going to get an appointment next week to see if my GP will prescribe anything. Part of me thinks I just need a long break and change of pace in life though.
    Hi, I too want to add that I'm sorry you're going through this and I know EXACTLY what you're describing. I too had that issue, and after about a year of trying to wrestle through it myself without it getting better, it really started to terrify me even more (extending the cycle of anxiety) of what my future would be like and if I wanted to live with this.

    Out of personal experience, I can say that my biggest regret is trying to do it alone for so long. I did therapy, but it wasn't helping with my intense physical symptoms of my body's chemistry just being completely out of whack and stuck in an endless cycle of adrenaline causing panic, which resulted in more adrenaline and more panic and anxiety. Medication (in my case: lexapro, an SSRI anti depressant) gave me relief in like....a week.

    Which is pretty out of the ordinary, I've heard, but by god do I wish I hadn't been so scared of medication turning me into a zombie, or making my dick no longer work or just simply being too prideful to accept that I needed it.

    Now, I'm almost...5 years further in my life, and while I still have the occasional small struggle with anxiety when I'm very stressed or slept poorly, but I recognize and know it now so it doesn't scare me and it's soooooo much less than what it was. And you can stop with the medication slowly once you're more stable again, because your body is just keeping you in a loop right now. Therapy will also be SO much better once you're not feeling like shit constantly.

    Definitely do the work with therapy though. And go talk to your GP about medication. I don't want to be a pill pusher (because honestly? I've always hated using medication for anything) but I do so regret at times not doing it much earlier.

    I wish you all the best of luck friend. It sounds trite, but truly: it does and can get better. <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keckers View Post
    I'm not having a great time at the moment. Waking up early every morning feeling exhausted and with intense anxiety, heart pounding. Throughout the day I have difficulty focusing, constant thoughts of failure and very low mood. Basic tasks at work feel impossible, working from home in a one bed flat feels like a prison. Sometimes I feel completely detached from just about everything. I realise I'm making my girlfriend miserable, since she's around me all day every day also working from home. I'm frequently getting intense feelings of anxiety during the day and find myself feeling tearful. I don't have any hope for the future I want to live, just constant despair.

    Work have noticed my performance drop I'm sure. I'm in the process of trying to get a diagnosis but in the meantime I'm struggling to tell them anything more than I'm struggling with my mental health, which feels like a cop out. Absurdly I feel guilty for the impact it's had on a work project, part of me sometimes feels like what I feel is fake. I was going to start looking for new jobs anyway when coronavirus hit, now I feel like I can't even work. I have an emergency fund which will last a few months but after that I don't know how I'll get by.
    First of all, I'm sorry hear that you're feeling this way, it really sucks. I've been struggling more with depression than hypomania/mania, and one of the things I've had some success with in therapy is the 7-columnsheet. It's part of the STOPP "framework" if you will, which is based on CBT. YMMV, in my case I often get overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings, and when it spirals off it can be hard to climb back out. The sheet works for both depression/intrusive thoughts as well as anxiety. I use it to record what I feel, and to have a way of "evalutating" the feelings. In my case, I have really low self-esteem and set very high goals for myself. Even though I'm rather successful at work and elsewhere, it's never enough for my inner demon, and this often leads to depression.

    Reach out if there is anything I can do.



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