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Thread: The Sex Thread - Yes, Anal Play is Really Nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smuggo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by 56k Lagman View Post
    Thanks gang, if I was still in NHS land I would probably look into it but the worst of my troubles really end at not being able to piss standing up. Wish me luck though
    can u still put it in the pooper?
    put what in whos pooper?

    No wonder its all gammy if he is self bumming though. I mean its impressive sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
    Lots of "getting cut is the worst thing in the world" on the Internet but it looks like mostly spergelords tbqh.
    That's usually mostly directed at parents who put their newborns through an unneccesary operation with no real benefits (for most people) and some risk.

    If you choose to do it yourself it's all good, especially if you have a good reason for it.

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    Elective surgery is great, cutting a kids dick because a guy who made corn flakes said it was a good idea not so much.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shiodome View Post
    Agreeing with w0lf.



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