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Thread: Monthly Mouse/Keyboard/Headset Thread

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    NL fuck yeah
    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Overspark View Post
    Personally I'm in favour of wireless mice (and will accept having to keep the software up-to-date) but totally abhor wireless keyboards. I mean I type my passwords on those dammit, do not throw those through the ether!
    Sad HHKB Pro Hybrid Type-S noises.
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    Ayy, glorified membrane keebs ftw
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    Quote Originally Posted by Varcaus View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Malcanis View Post
    I almost want to ask how the shit can a mouse have security problems, but I am completely certain that the answer would be unhelpful. I am sorry if this comes across as being a crotchetty old man, but I only want a mouse which it is conceptually impossible to have a security problem with.

    Are microsoft mice any good these days? They used to make a really good mouse back in the day.

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    A couple of month ago I ordered a new keyboard, as my now old/then current one showed some wear and tear and I would have a replacement ready, when the time comes to replace it. So this week I decided it's now time to replace it. I opened up the box of the new one back then when I received it to have a quick look.

    I also have the habit to put the related invoice inot all boxes of new stuff I buy and keep the box around so that when I need to invoke the warranty, I have both the invoice and a box to send it in available. So naturally the invoice was in the box of the new keyboard. Turns out that the invoice showed that "a few couple of month ago" was actually in back 2014.

    I would have sworn I ordered it within the last year. Two years, perhaps, if you pressed hard. But six?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isyel View Post
    And btw, you're such a fucking asshole it genuinely amazes me on a regular basis how you manage to function.

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    Hey Guys,
    Bought a new set of peripherals, went Steelseries.

    I got an Apex 7 keyboard, Arctis 5 headset and Rival 3 mouse, plus a emdium sized thick steelseries mouse mat.

    Apex 7 Keyboard:
    Love it, much better than my Razer blackwidow for 2014. The keys are better spaced, the feel is awesome (I have red switches). The colours are amazing and I love the little applets and intergration into apps such as discord, it works really well actually. I especially love the light up keys to let me know I'm broadcasting on the mic, great to let me know IM eating crisps to loud lol. I've noticed that the accuracy/precision of my typing has improved, in addition to the speed. So yeah, love it!

    Arctis 5 headset:
    Really liking the headset so far, I was using Bose QC25's (which I love) and these are almost on par for the sound quality. The lack of active noisecancelling is noticed but the cups are pretty great at isolating me. My friends have commented that the clarity of my voice is vastly improved. RGB colours are rpetty sick. I did have a razer kraken tourney edition and i stopped using that.

    Rival 3 Mouse and mousemat:
    Im getting much more headshots in tarkov, in general my tarkov has imprroved. I find it mroe comfortable than the razer Abyssus i used to have. Overall very ergonomic for my hands.

    So in general, very good and highly reccomended. Theya re a bit pricey though but they seem pretty sturdy.



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