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Thread: The South (Catch/Impass/Feythabolis/Immensea/Tenerifis/Omist)

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    April 10, 2011
    Mistakes were made in positioning for the second round. We lit our cyno way too far from the enemy triage on round 2 (dreads landed 40-60 away with autocannons). Only half the dreads jumped in that I expected because I thought I called for them to undock but apparently I didnt in the heat of the moment with so much going on. The six that made it in were in deep fall off so the minokowas tanked easy. Four died but two zoidberged out, so theres that I guess. Waffles had a couple nice booshes with command dessies too in the second round, I dont know why our HICs didnt stop them but again, mistakes. When you fight 2 fleets vs 1 mistakes like that are pretty much impossible to recover from. GF
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    December 17, 2015
    The Northern Russians tried to headshot GXK but only got the ihub due to harassment. Triage does not provide jam immunity yet lol. They were outnumbering the Southern dudes pretty hard so it was interesting that the station survived. Ihub finally came out earlier today and the Northern Russians couldn't outnumber the defenders so blue balled themselves.

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    April 11, 2011
    Sorry, but I'll need a tl;dr on what's going on. We were even forming once for this thing, but I am not even sure for which side. Who's fighting who over what? Please provide the summary in slow and easily comprehendable sentences.

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    April 12, 2011
    Good lord it's been a while since anything anyone cared about happened down here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Keieueue View Post
    I love Malcanis!

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    Came here to read an update on Southern action.

    Read a Malcanis post.

    Why don't people enjoy action in this game? What is the point of farming shinies if you are unwilling to use them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcanis View Post
    Good lord it's been a while since anything anyone cared about happened down here.
    It's been a long time since anyone has cared about a War and Politics thread outside of Syndicate and Lowsec.

    And that's why I miss Kugu.

    Hasty Update to the Thread for Lady Spank:
    Stainwagon is being invaded by the newly-evicted Testco coalition looking for a home. FCON's coalition jumped on board, as did the Drone Russians and Triumvirates coalition, and MC to top it off.

    Imperium warned them off of this, but when they proceeded to invade anyways, Imperium went to war, and parts of Providence Coalition jumped in to assist SW as well.

    First battle was over TestCo's attempt to establish a staging point in F4RQ-2. Two Fortizars began the process of anchoring, one from Test, one from C02, and a large battle took place. In the end, Imperium/SW lost the isk war and several supercarriers that e-warped to a gate due to disconnects, but brought down both Fortizars.

    There have been a few pitched battles here and there, another Imperium SC was lost outside of that battle, and some idiot in Test lost 10B worth of Skill Injectors in an Inty. It's was pretty quiet.

    Right now, TESTCo have reinforced I think around 28 different structures around catch, including attacking SW's staging system of V3YG-7, which should come out tomorrow, which is a Russian holiday.
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