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Thread: Byzantium endures

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    June 16, 2012
    Mouth Trumpet Cavalry.
    Wake me up when you decide to evict HK and Lazerhawks to repay your warbonds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lallante View Post
    Eve is so boring people go out of their way not to play it and then declare victory when the other side's boredom threshold is surpassed sooner. Also everyone chestbeating for the team that used to dunk on them that they joined out of desperation is hilarious.
    v0v we've been busy as fuck, I've been in a goddamb lot of fleets since March

    It's always a choice
    Quote Originally Posted by Isyel View Post
    And btw, you're such a fucking asshole it genuinely amazes me on a regular basis how you manage to function.



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