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Thread: new pedals

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    September 15, 2020
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    new pedals

    Hey all.

    I've been looking to build a pedal board recently and noticed that my local guitar shop had some really cheap behringer pedals in. I tried a couple out and they seemed really good for the price. Then I looked them up online and read mixed things about them. Some saying they were badly built crap and others saying that they actually sounded a little nicer than the boss ones.

    So I'm not sure what to think of them. What do you think? Are they reliable and will they be good enough for gigging, or are they just a cheap bit of fun for practicing with?


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    April 29, 2011
    Some of behringers pedals are realy realy good, like the Time Machine analog delay. It's one of the dirtiest delays I've got. Love it.
    And others, like the purple bass overdrive doesn't even seem to work. it just makes it all sound weird, as if it's got a realy strange resonance frequency that always gets boosted more than the rest. And it's not in the bass spectrum.

    So always look up reviews for the speciffic pedal you're interested in when buying Behringer pedals.

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    Behringer started out making really sub par equipment for cheap. They had a good idea, have good engineers from Europe and own their own factory in China.

    By now they not only really upped their game, they released some synths that are copies of legendary units. Same with pedals. IIRC in a video it was mentioned that the best tube screamer right now is from Behringer and not Ibanez.

    Oh and they bought Midas.

    nevar forget

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    While a little more, Boss are tried, true, and road tested. The first DS-1 I bought, like, ~30 years ago is still, not only working, but sounds great still.

    Behringer used to be very much like buying cheap shoes. Did the job but fell apart. I will say that lately, the products have been impressing me. They really have lowered the bar to entry recently with stuff like mixers for bands and PA stuff too.

    The best tube screamers are the Maxon ones (imo, thats all really subjective)...



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