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Thread: Two thoughts for consideration in the next few months

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    April 10, 2011

    Two thoughts for consideration in the next few months

    1) Supercaps are obviously going to get some adjustments. Would be nice if the CSM could also keep the issues with shield supercaps in the discussion during the rebalance. Specifically) No equivalent to slaves, and session changes resetting the shield leadership bonuses and thus usually have like 2/3's shield on session change instead of full.

    2) Discussion of making sov space better, I'm not sure why this would involve nerfing wspace mining. I think everyone would be happier if nullsec got some sort of new roid that was basically super veldspar/pyerite in sigs that needed to be scanned down (and wspace did not get these roids). Something like 8x the trit per m3 and super dense. Now nullsec can more easily mine what they need to build caps/supercaps/whatever and low lvl wspace still has stuff to do for people who aren't in the mood to kill sleepers. Given the fact that CCP apparently needs 10 years to make art assets for something, this should probably be in the discussion now if it isn't already so that "omg we don't have time" doesn't come in to play as much. Wspace is one of the few things CCP did really well imo, and would be a bummer to see it get some nerfs because they are too lazy to address real issues with sov space.

    (yeah, okay, nothing unique here. But there's a CSM section damnit so thought I'd throw these out here! :P)

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    July 20, 2011
    is this where i make a new thread to whine about engine trails?

    no? okay.

    I'm sure both things are on the CSM's table.

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    April 9, 2011
    Your 2nd idea is 13 kinds of stupid

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    April 10, 2011
    in a wormhole...
    I re-brought up issue 1 just now, hopefully we can get CCP to fix that.

    for issue 2, we all agree something needs to be done. CCP is currently starting to brainstorm the design of this sort of stuff, and super-veld has certainly been brought up several times.

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    There needs to be a high-level strategy in place for the role of null-, low- and high-sec from an industry viewpoint.

    At present:

    highsec is for:
    * t1 manufacture
    * t2 manufacture
    * pi manufacture, all basically due to:
    * fully-stocked markets with stuff from all 4 empires
    * low-end mineral production
    * ice production
    * waiting a long time for cheap research

    low-sec is for:
    * cap ship production
    * research with no waiting, but costing POS fuel
    * PI primary production

    and null-sec is for:
    * high-end mineral production
    * PI primary production
    * super-capital production, except when -A- spies cancel your jobs

    Coupled with the consumption demographics, you can get an idea where the arrows go, and you soon see some issues with 'nullsec industrial independence'.

    I suggest an overarching narrative tying the types of space into themes, namely:

    high-sec -> trade, and complex (multi-racial input) goods, but ruinous costs and waits of manufacture and research.
    low-sec -> cheap manufacture and science, at the cost of some risk
    null-sec -> boundless riches, but needs player organisation to get any manufacturing base happening compared to 'assembly lines galore' in low-sec. Often will just export raw materials to Empire for isk, as markets are flakey.
    w-space -> boundless riches, but a limited selection, and reduced to rubbing two sticks together in an assembly array to make stuff.

    which leads to these suggestions:

    1. semi-nerf high-sec manufacture and research, so more gets done in low-sec. I suggest variable fees like office rental....
    2. nerf high-sec primary production (including ice and dense low-ends)
    3. buff low- and null-sec primary production to compensate (especially low-end mineral sources)
    4. semi-buff low-sec manufacture (possibly)
    5. Don't buff null-sec manufacture as much as you initially thought - let low-sec take up some slack
    6. possibly nerf raw isk-generation of null-sec (OWAIT already done)

    These changes will make all of null-sec a little bit more like the drone regions, but in a good way.
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    You're assuming the CSM have any input whatsoever into the decision making that is the train wreck called CCP.
    Quote Originally Posted by Smuggo View Post
    Super Faggot amirite?
    He mad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vilgan View Post
    1) Supercaps are obviously going to get some adjustments. [...]
    you must be new... just because a dev said something about 'looking into it' (or somesuch choice of words), does not mean there will be any results. the track record is... what... single digits? ... in percent?

    i'd put more hope into the 'low-hanging fruit' he mentioned in the same blog first [if it weren't for the fact that i've had such hopes about logi warp speed for 3 years now - and i still have the urls to prove it -.-]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Whopper View Post
    You're assuming the CSM have any input whatsoever into the decision making that is the train wreck called CCP.



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