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Thread: Forum Rules

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    Forum Rules

    Here are the official rules of this forum.

    Rule Number One
    If you EVER post a link to anything that isn't worksafe, then mark it as such, clearly. We dont want to be getting our forum buddies fired for clicking innocuous links as their bosses walk past. First time you post a NSFW link without a notation will get you a warning. Second time will get you a ban. A lot of people read from work here (including me) and no one wants to be fired due to your stupidity.

    Rule Number Two
    A quick word about sigs - I'm not going to go with specific sig length/widths or filesizes, but for the sake of keeping it all easy to read and for the sake of people with less-than-high speed connections logging on, I'd like everyone to keep their sig's within a reasonable size.
    An example of a 'reasonable size' are the sigs that Kaylana makes, which you see Team Minmatar using.
    If anyone has a sig that's maybe too big, I'll just drop you a PM and ask; if you need it resizing, myself or any of the other graphically confident people can do it for you, just give us a shout.

    Rule Number Three
    Just to keep it simple, register with your in game name.
    And be sensible. We're all adults, so i have no problem with swearing or risque topics, or anything like that. All that I ask is that if something isn't worksafe, you mark it as such. I don't want anyone losing their jobs because someone posted Giant Squid hentai and forgot to mention what it was.
    If anyone does anything outside the bounds of sensible-ness, we'll let you know. Just don't take the piss.

    Rule Number Four
    No racism. We're grown ups and can handle race related jokes, but I don't want to see any actual racism here. This also applies to racism discussions.

    Rule Number Five
    Real-life politics & religious discussions. Keep it to the General Chat section, and be nice to each other. Do not post topics just to troll others. I'm much more likely to ban someone for taking the piss with this rule more than any other, bar rule 1.

    Rule Number Six
    No personal attacks involving the Eve community. This includes both members and non-members of this forum, CCP employees, ISD, and so on and so forth. No matter how right it is, we should be above that.

    Rule Number Seven
    No discussing hacking, or anything else illegal or subversive. Mentioning it isn't an issue, we won't remove a thread for mentioning it alone.

    Rule Number Eight
    If you have any problems with moderation or the actions of a moderator, please PM me or haffrage. Don't have a go at the mod in PM, don't post in public forums. Actions that a mod takes are done so for the good of the forum. Anyone posting "Free x y z" threads after bans will be banned too, cos those threads fuck me off. If you have a problem with me, talk to haffrage. If you have a problem with haffrage, you're shit out of luck.

    Rule Number Nine
    Intentional spoiling of films, books, and so on and so forth (ie, posting them so people wil lread them without realising before it is too late) is prohibited on pain of an instant forum ban. Threads may be started to discuss things that included spoilers but this must be CLEARLY MARKED IN THE TOPIC TITLE with *SPOILERS* or somesuch. Ruining other people's enjoyment on purpose is way, way out of order. This rule will stop applying to any film, book, etc that has been on official release IN THE UK (since we get most things last, that'll be our benchmark) for over 6 months as we'll consider it to be public domain by then. As an aside, the mods might not read spoiler threads for the same reasons so if you have an issue with something in one, please PM a mod. Doing something naughty in a spoiler thread will be frowned upon extra-hard because we'll assume you did it to avoid a mod's notice.

    Rule Number Ten
    Registration of secondary accounts is allowed, abusing them to continue breaking other rules after getting your primary account banned will result on you becoming a target of a witch hunt, your primary account will be removed from the forum thus eliminating all your private messages, reputation, etc. this will of course include your current existing secondary accounts and you will be basically chased off within reason. This action will only be executed by EntroX and only EntroX, this is non-reversible.

    Rule Number Eleven
    Pyramid quoting breaking forums is a thing of the past, however the inferior Android Tapatalk users experiment crashes on pyramids that get a bit too deep, since i have no sympathy for non-apple-master-race members pyramids are perfectly fine as long as they are on topic and for the sake of continuing a reasonable argument, simply stacking up a pyramid for the sake of it will earn you an infraction.
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