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Thread: Corcoran State Alliance - seeking corporations for PvP

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    April 16, 2011
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    Corcoran State Alliance - seeking corporations for PvP


    PvP sub-caps


    Currently sitting in Syndicate, happy out of the sov-space system for now


    We are mainly spread +/- 2hrs GMT, with English speaking members from Western Europe, Sothern Africa and North America.


    No CTAs, uber-blobs, politics, just lots of people to shoot at



    If you want to kill things in space that's groovy. If you are very committed to never dying, if you don't want to fight anyone good, that's less groovy.

    There's a lot of good FCs, good fleets and good alliances out to kill us and we don't run away from them, or blue them.

    We need 5-6 more in nightly fleets to really get into this scene, 20-30 across time zones would give us a lot more coverage.


    Corcoran State was an alliance founded a little over a year ago to qualify the Manson Family corporation to participate in the alliance tournament.

    Over the months though it stated to look more and more like an actual alliance and enjoyed considerable success in Geminate.

    Pressure of the Russian attacks and being allied with the NC (which no-one was all that keen on) eventually caused the alliance to begin to split, finally seeing almost everyone leave just as we got into the tourney.

    So we failed the tourney and that might have been the end of it, but since we've been hanging around Syndicate we've started to pick up numbers again, and we are discovering the joy of fighting people for the fun of it, rather than because of some strategic bollocks we don't really care about. You know, as if this was some kind of spaceships game.

    If your corporation is looking for some pew in 0.0 and can provide people in space-ships with space-guns on them we'd love to hear from you. If you are all 160mil everything pilots with a hundred accounts each, that's fine, if you are ten guys with a Rifter fixation, there's also a place for you. Probably at the front.

    We are not looking to return to sov-sec in the immediate future. It's not impossible if we start to get big, but if fuelling towers, reffing towers, erecting towers, fuelling bridges and doing fifteen Sanctums an hour is your scene - this isn't for you.

    If you are interested talk ingame to Ventro69 (alliance leader) or Ezraniel or PM me on here.

    Note that corporations within Corcoran are also recruiting, including Manson Family the founders, and 0ccam's Razor (my crew) same contacts as above. Individual's applications are welcome. Remember, if you are a French spai you should get your guy in here as soon as possible, becasue we are going to become a problem for you.


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    - Sampanion - Not solely responsible for the alliance tournament IX performance.



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