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    April 12, 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Mashie Saldana View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmin View Post
    Luckily rigs are now removable, so replaced tank rigs with hyperspatial rigs and it's back around the same figure.
    Wait what, you can remove rigs without destroying them?

    Doesn't that undo the entire point of rigs if they now act as any other fitted module? Do they drop as loot as well?
    Only for T3Cs
    Quote Originally Posted by Keieueue View Post
    I love Malcanis!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcanis View Post
    Only for T3Cs
    That makes sense, ta.

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    March 14, 2012
    Because I wasn't too well these past couple days, I ran some incursions today and even after so much time TVP is still very pleasant to fly with. Except I got named Vindicator anchor because "I seem confident enough" - I literally had three tabs with the three sites opened on another monitor because I couldn't remember at all wtf to do. Some people almost got blapped because they expected the logis to keep up even though they didn't move their own ship at all and sat @0km/s shooting stuff. Overall nice experience, maybe I can get to do the Ouroborous? Idk.

    Friendly people all around, from all different nullsec entities - spotted Test, Pandemic Horde and so on - I'm still staggered that this game at the end of the day is still just a large big family, despite the murderizing tendencies acquired when playing as part of a big block. Heartwarming and very nice pastime whilst sipping on mint tea and praying bowels are not going to suddenly explodify.

    And it just hit me. Maybe that's why that blue donut really exists. It isn't about game mechanics and shit, there's always a good source of ISK for the enterprising capsuleer that's milkable and sufficient for any PvP fits and what not. Structures will burn and crumble, but friendships last exceedingly long considering this is still labeled on steam as "sociopath simulator". So, you might end up on different sides of a conflict and blow each other up, at the end of the day it's just pixels and Fanfest is manageable because there is nothing to manage. Grown up people who keep their shit in game (mostly) and would rather have a beer and a hot beverage.

    I'll be really sad when the lights will be out in CCP's headquarters.
    Guns make the news, science doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmin View Post
    So, you might end up on different sides of a conflict and blow each other up, at the end of the day it's just pixels
    This is the part that the blue donut completely fails at though.
    srs bsns no fites to maximise ISK/hour.
    Quote Originally Posted by QuackBot View Post
    Idk about that, and i'm fucking stupid.



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