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    Patch Notes For February 2018 Release 1.0 Released on Tuesday, February 13th 2018



    Updated Wwise audio engine to the latest version for improved audio stability and performance.


    This patch contains a balance pass affecting Assault Frigates and Heavy Assault Cruisers. Full details and discussion can be found in this thread.

    All Assault Frigates maximum velocity increased by 18%
    All Assault Frigates mass reduced by 10%
    All Assault Frigates capacitor capacity increased by 30%

    Ishkur: Assault Frigate bonus per skill level:

    7.5% drone tracking speed (was 5m3 additional drone bay per level)
    Drone bay increased to 50m3 (was 25m3)
    Retribution Assault Frigate bonus per skill level:

    5% bonus to Small Energy Turret rate of fire (was 7.5% bonus to Small Energy Turret tracking speed)
    Power Grid increased to 62 (was 56)

    Jaguar Minmatar Frigate bonus per skill level:

    5% bonus to Rocket and Light Missile rate of fire (was 5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret Damage)
    7.5% bonus to shield boost amount (was 7.5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret tracking speed)
    Assault Frigate bonus per skill level:

    5% bonus to Rocket and Light Missile damage (was 10% bonus to Small Projectile Turret optimal range)
    5% bonus to Rocket and Light Missile explosion velocity (was 5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret damage)
    CPU increased to 185 (was 170)
    Mid Slot increased to 5 (was 4)
    Low Slot reduced to 3 (was 4)
    Launcher Slot increased to 3 (was 1)
    Turret Slot reduced to 1 (was 3)
    Drone Bandwidth increased to 10m3 (was 0)
    Drone Bay increased to 20m3 (was 0)


    Various under the hood graphics engine optimizations and refactorings to optimise for upcoming improvments and changes to the visuals of the game.
    We have renovated the next set of worldobject assets found in dungeons giving them the latest V5 shader treatment.


    New implants added for the Guardian's Gala Event. Keep your loved ones close, and keep your enemies within reach of your webifiers. Inquest 'Eros' Stasis Webifier MR-80x are slot 8 implants that increase Stasis Webifier ranges by a percentage based on the strength of the implant.


    Added a set of new damage control modules called Assault Damage Controls, which can only be used by Heavy Assault Cruisers and Assault Frigates. Assault Damage Controls provide passive resists to shield, armor and structure. They can also be activated to provide extreme resistance to shield, armor and structure for a short duration. Details and discussion on Assault Damage Controls can be found in this thread.
    Added following Assault Damage Control types:

    Assault Damage Control I
    EFFA Compact Assault Damage Control
    FFR Enduring Assault Damage Control
    Assault Damage Control II
    Shadow Serpentis Assault Damage control

    Missions & NPCs:

    Guardian's Gala Event runs from the 13th until the 27th of Feb.

    Two sites to crash: The VIP sites may require a fleet.
    Two challenges awarding points for the Agency-granted rewards.
    Changes have been made to Pirate Shipyards and Forward Operating Bases:

    Blood Raider and Guristas Shipyards can be found in all of Low and Null security space.
    Pirate Shipyards and FOBs have a limited amount of reinforcements for their defensive fleets.

    Structures & Deployables:

    All Upwell Structures are receiving a Firmware update (Upwell Structures 2.0) which will affect all existing structures and any structures deployed in the future. Full details have been published in this devblog.
    Moon Mining has been introduced to Wormhole space and High Security systems with a security level of 0.5. The mechanics of moon mining remain unchanged and details can be found here.
    All Upwell Structures are now either in "Full power" or "Low power" mode.
    Upwell structures require an online Service module, of any kind, to be in "High power" mode
    Upwell structures with no online Service modules will be in "Low power" mode which will incur the following effects:

    -33% reduced shield and armor hitpoints
    One less reinforcement cycle (jumping straight to the final reinforcement as soon as the structure shields are destroyed, skipping armor entirely)
    “Low power” structures can be identified through a label on their text bracket beside the structure name
    The Vulnerability and Reinforcement system that affects all Upwell Structures has been updated:

    Structure owners will now choose an hour of the day and a day of the week as their structure’s reinforcement time and reinforcement day respectively.
    If this time and day were not selected prior to this release, they will default to 18:00 on Saturday.
    Any changes to this reinforcement day and time take 7 days to take effect from the moment the changes are queued, and if the structure is damaged or reinforced when the 7 days have elapsed the change will not take effect until the structure returns to full health.
    Under this new system, the shield hitpoints of Upwell structures will be vulnerable to attack at all times.
    An initial attack can now occur at any date and any time chosen by the attackers
    A second attack now occurs in the timezone of the defenders, on the day chosen by the attackers (Between 22 and 50 hours after the initial attack)
    A final battle now occurs in the timezone and day chosen by the defenders
    Reinforcement cycle times contain a random element. Cycle lengths will not always be the same.
    Final Reinforcement times are determined by when the structure enters the reinforcement, what reinforcement day the owner of the structure has chosen, and the area of space the structure is located within.
    When a structure enters its final reinforcement period it looks for the next reinforcement time on the weekly reinforcement day that occurs at least X days in the future, and then randomly adds or subtracts some amount of time up to two hours in either direction. This X value depends on the location of the structure:
    0.5 days for Wormhole space
    2.5 days for Lowsec and Nullsec space
    5.5 days for Highsec space
    The Reinforcement Day and Time of a structure can be discovered by any player, through hacking the structure with either a Data or Relic Analyzer.
    New Burst Projector Superweapons have now been introduced, similar to those used by supercarriers:

    Standup Target Illumination Burst Projector
    Standup Weapon Disruption Burst Projector
    Standup ECM Jammer Burst Projector
    Standup Sensor Dampening Burst Projector
    Standup Stasis Webification Burst Projector
    Standup Warp Disruption Burst Projector
    Standup Energy Neutralization Burst Projector
    New Standup Fighters, exclusive for use in Upwell Structures, have been introduced. They include variants of every fighter currently used by capsuleers, including the Shadow.

    Standard fighters can no longer be used in Upwell Structures. Any standard fighters that are loaded into Upwell Structures can be removed, but cannot be launched or re-loaded
    Building Standup fighters will require a standard fighter plus some additional input equal to approximately 25% more material value.
    Standup fighter blueprints will be available on the market from any Upwell Consortium member station
    The Standup Shadow heavy fighter BPC is available from Sansha’s Nation loyalty point stores. Building Standup Shadows requires a standard Shadow as an input material.
    Standup Fighters will not require any capsuleer skills to operate, and do not receive any bonuses from pilot skills. However, their base stats result in massive bonuses to dps, hitpoints, speed, and sensor strength.
    Fighters deployed from an Upwell Structure will now auto-return when the controller character drops control of the structure. This will stop them from being abandoned and lost.
    Fighters bay volumes have been increased significantly on all Upwell Structures
    Structure Combat Modules are being rebalanced:

    T2 Standup modules have been introduced
    New module categories have been introduced: standup capacitor power relays, standup capacitor batteries, standup armor reinforcers
    The Standup Warp Scrambler has been changed to the Standup Focused Warp Disruptor, which can be scripted to provide the effects of a Warp Scrambler with a reduced range.
    The Standup Stasis Webifier and the Standup Focused Warp Disruptor now have a reactivation delay, and their fitting is limited to one of each type per structure.
    Point Defense Battery modules are now limited to one per structure and RoF has reduced slightly
    Standup ASML Missile Launchers have been renamed to Standup Multirole Missile Launchers, Standup ASML-SD Missiles have renamed to Standup Light Missiles, Standup ASML-MD Missiles have renamed to Standup Heavy Missiles, and Standup ASML-LD Missiles have renamed to Standup Cruise Missiles
    Standup AXL Missile Launchers have been renamed to Standup Anticapital Missile Launchers, Standup AXL-C Missiles have renamed to Standup XL Cruise Missiles, and Standup AXL-S Missiles have renamed to Standup Super-heavy Torpedoes
    The damage of Standup Anticapital Missiles has been reduced significantly. With the addition of T2 launchers and damage modules Upwell Structures will now do more single-target damage to subcaps but less single-target damage to capitals
    Standup AS Guided Bombs have been renamed to Standup Light Guided Bombs, and Standup AM Guided Bombs have been renamed to Standup Heavy Guided Bombs
    Standup Guided Bomb Launchers have had their RoF reduced and bomb base damage increased. The explosion radius of the Standup Heavy Guided Bomb has also increased significantly
    All Standup missile and bomb launchers now require 10 seconds to reload
    Large and XL structures have recieved a new role bonus increasing the RoF of guided bomb launchers and standup burst projectors
    The base lock range of all L and XL Upwell Structures has been increased (350km for Large and 400km for XL).
    Standup Signal Amplifiers and Lock Speed rigs now also provide bonuses to structure lock ranges. Structure lock ranges are capped at a maximum of 490km no matter how many sensor modules are fitted.

    The CPU, Powergrid, and Capacitor stats for numerous structures and structure modules have been rebalanced. Service modules now require vastly less CPU and Powergrid, and the fitting resources of all structures has been reduced to compensate.
    Standup Void Guided Bombs have been phased out. All existing Standup Void Guided Bomb items and blueprints have been converted into items and blueprints for Standup Light Guided Bombs (formerly known as Standup AS Guided Bombs).
    To improve the balance around using carriers from within tether range of structures, launching fighters is now considered an aggressive action for the tethering system. This means that any carrier or supercarrier with fighters under its control will automatically break tether and remain untethered until it either recalls or abandons the fighters (or those fighters are destroyed in combat)
    The formula for calculating asset safety values will now provide a more accurate estimate of the item value, and will be much less likely to value an item at 0 ISK
    A new minimum asset safety recovery cost has been set at 0.5% of item value. This cost will be required to recover items from asset safety even if the recovery takes place in the same solar system
    Rigs fitted to structures can no longer be destroyed if the structure is not at 100% health.
    The damage messages received when attacking structures will now properly display the amount of damage your weapons are inflicting even if that damage is being deflected by the structure damage cap. The amount deflected will also be shown.
    A new icon has been added to structure brackets in the overview and space scene to indicate whether you currently have permission to dock in that structure. If several changes happen within a 3 minute time, these changes may only be shown after this 3 minute buffer has passed.
    NPC corporations may now be added to access lists in the same way that player corps can be added.
    Unanchoring structures will now display the progress of their unanchoring timer in the structure browser to characters with the Station Manager role
    When unfitting a clone bay service module, a new popup message will inform you about how many jump clones would be destroyed by that action
    It is now possible to self destruct pods inside a citadel with a cloning bay service module


    Added a new operation to the end of the tutorial that teaches players how to use The Agency.
    User Interface:
    Removed the Distance filter from the sites and signatures filters as these are restricted to current system
    Autopilot can no longer be enabled while docked
    Removed the DUST514 system channel
    Removed the representation of DUST514 mercenaries in chat channels
    Removed chat options relating to Infantry
    Upwell structures are now listed with their name in the "In Space" section of corporation assets.



    A completion issue with the mission 'Mannar Mining Colony' has been fixed.
    Resource Wars: fixed an issue where replacement Orcas could have invalid cargohold sizes.
    Corrected an issue with missing Minmatar station icons.Adjusted the brightness levels of the warning lights during a station undock.
    Adjusted collision geometry on the Low-Tech Solar Harvester.
    Improved the animation on strip mining turrets.
    Returned missing elements of the results for Planetary Interaction scans.The recently repaired stations throughout Amarr space have been properly painted with the colors of their owning corporations.
    Fixed an issue with the coloring on Miasmos special editions.
    Fixed an issue where the Domination Titan wouldn't explode on death.
    Adjusted collision geometry on the Fortified Drone Structure.
    Adjusted some of the textures on the Ragnarok.
    Fixed an issue with strategic cruisers where killmarks could disappear after changing subsystems in space.
    Fixed an issue where incompatible SKINs could appear in the preview window for strategic cruisers.
    Adjusted the decals on the Raven, Golem, and Raven Navy Issue.
    Fixed a texture issue that would occur on some ice asteroids.
    Corrected an issue with a section of panels on the front of the Venture hull.
    The visual effect for the Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor has been adjusted to correct size and scale.


    It no longer possible to bypass the FW market restrictions by using multibuy.


    The Arbalest Compact XL Torpedo Launcher, is now compact. (PG & CPU requirements have been reduced)
    Corrected an issue that prevented the 10% survey probe speed bonus on the T2 Survey Probe Launcher from correctly applying.
    The Warp Disruption Burst Projector module now correctly deploys a 10km radius bubble as its attributes indicate.
    Fixed an issue that was preventing the missile velocity bonus from the Standup Missile Guidance Enhancer module from applying at full strength.
    The Gravitational Transportation Field Oscillator no longer Warp Scrambles targets that it transports. Ships that are too large to be transported will still be Warp Scrambled as usual.
    The missile damage bonus from Standup Ballistic Control System modules is now correctly impacted by stacking penalties.


    Fixed an issue where Standup M-Set Ammunition Manufacturing Material efficiency I and II showed the wrong Tech Level.
    It is no longer possible to sell empty capsules through contracts.
    Several types of beacons have been made untargetable because accidentally targeting a beacon is annoying.


    Fixing Neutralizer duration on Chelm Soran and Unit P-343554 NPCs.
    Fixed an issue where the mission item could be destroyed in 'Cash Flow for Capsuleers 4 of 10'.
    Decreased the amount of ammunition required in the 'Balancing the Books 10 of 10' mission.
    Fixed a formatting issue in the 5th exploration career mission completion text.
    Fixed some NPC naming and model irregularities in the ' General's best friend' mission.
    Science & Industry:
    Fixed an issue where the Industry window would not retain the number of job runs for the first blueprint listed.
    Fixed an issue where a full researched blueprint would display as 10000 runs remaining in the Industry window.
    The skill required for manufacturing Standup Anticapital Missile Launcher I modules (formerly known as Standup AXL Missile Launchers) has been changed from "Capital Ship Construction" to "Outpost Construction" to bring it in line with other similar structure modules.


    The Shadow Fighter 'True Sacrifice' ability now works against Rorquals.
    Traits on Faction Titans now link to the Phenomena Generation skill instead of racial Phenomena Generators.

    Structures & Deployables:

    Movement shortcuts are now correctly disabled when controlling an Upwell Structure.
    Players controlling Upwell Structures no longer appear in the list of pilots that can be invited to install a clone in a Clone Vat Bay.
    It is now possible to delete bookmarks of Upwell Structures that have been unanchored or destroyed.


    Fixed issue preventing players from completing the "Complete the industry job" task if they delivered the job too soon.
    Fixed the 'Purchase a blueprint' task so that it can be completed using multibuy as well.
    Fixed an issue that could cause players to get stuck on the 'Load your Ammo' task.
    Fixed various text, voice over, and naming issues.
    Improved the Operations tutorial experience by adding checks to prevent players from getting stuck during the wreckage site loot operation in the case that survivors are retrieved before instructions are issued.

    User Interface:

    Fixed an issue where the "Buy Now" and "Buy As Gift" options could hang out of the New Eden Store windows
    Fixed an issue where it was possible to spam the "Overload State is Locked" message all over the screen.
    The Incursion Info panel will no longer be removed if a Forward Operating Base is destroyed within the solar system.
    Fixed an issue where Faction Warfare agents were not filtering properly in The Agency
    Fixed corporations and alliances having a one-click-chat button in People&Places
    A naming issue with an object inside the Core Garrison site has been fixed.
    The missing gender attribute has been added to various clothing items.
    Fixed an issue where some players had broken missions from an old tutorial in their journals.
    Fixed an issue where the Recruitment tab would occasionally appear in the home tab of the Corporation window.
    Casting a vote in a corporate vote no longer collapses all votes in the window.
    The inventory window will no longer close when assuming control of an Upwell Structure.
    Fixed an issue where the Fighter HUD could end up misaligned to the far left of the screen.
    The name of a structure will now be correctly auto-filled in a new saved location when controlling a structure.
    Fixed an issue where after switching view mode for results in the "Find Member in Role" tab of the Corporation window, the current results would disappear.
    The Show Info window of a simulated ship with a modified warp speed now correctly shows that the value has been modified.
    Fighter Tubes now correctly have a tooltip in the Fighter HUD.
    Fixed an issue where the structure browser would retain the search term filtering while clearing the search text field upon closing and reopening.
    The Shattered Ice Field now displays its information correctly in the Agency
    Fixed an issue where the subsystem icons would slightly misaligned in the fitting simulation window.
    Fixed an issue with importing fittings from clipboard on localized clients.
    Fixed an issue with exporting fittings with invalid modules as .xml file.
    Fixed grammar errors in various item info texts.
    Fixed an issue where The Agency could appear broken on Suggested, Combat, and Epic Arc filters.



    Removed: GET /corporations/corporationIcorporationIdType/structures/
    Removed: PUT /structures/structIintegerType/
    See this Dev Blog for full details on these changes
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    EVE 1.0?

    Not fooling anyone.

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    Missile Jagswarm is go
    Quote Originally Posted by Keieueue View Post
    I love Malcanis!

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    How does the Jag compare to the Hawk and the amarr missile boat now?
    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Mason
    It is absurd that we are capable of witnessing a 40,000 year old system of gender oppression begin to dissolve before our eyes yet still see the abolition of a 200 year old economic system as an unrealistic utopia.

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    So i've seen the new NPC AI and i'm not gonna lie - i jizzed my pants a little.

    Event NPCs switch targets, they fucking warp to ping-spots to reposition, they also leave grid if you kill the objective or take tooo long.

    So far they do not use actual tackle (reddit would explode otherwise), but if they add that its p. much how i always envisioned proper NPCs in this game.

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    Get Out Nasty Face
    About fucking time they did something with AFs

    (ಠ_ృ) ゛Lady Spank is the best。゛ ~ Xenuria (ಠ_ృ)

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    CCP did something right [after prodding] and the result is a citadel massacre - https://zkillboard.com/kills/citadels/
    The right direction.

    Already the 'AF's are OP' threads are coming in - https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comment...t_balance_ccp/

    Prometheus's work has been restored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meester View Post
    CCP did something right [after prodding] and the result is a citadel massacre - https://zkillboard.com/kills/citadels/
    The right direction.

    Already the 'AF's are OP' threads are coming in - https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comment...t_balance_ccp/

    Prometheus's work has been restored.
    Give it a couple weeks before declaring them restored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlona Sky View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Meester View Post
    CCP did something right [after prodding] and the result is a citadel massacre - https://zkillboard.com/kills/citadels/
    The right direction.

    Already the 'AF's are OP' threads are coming in - https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comment...t_balance_ccp/

    Prometheus's work has been restored.
    Give it a couple weeks before declaring them restored.
    Wait untill they are all High Power indeed. The Low Power skipping a cycle is awesome tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlona Sky View Post

    Give it a couple weeks before declaring them restored.
    Yes I suppose my joy is premature but I did have some fun in my AF yesterday.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sacul View Post
    Wait untill they are all High Power indeed. The Low Power skipping a cycle is awesome tho.
    Indeed, well hopefully the High Power ones will see some more adjustment on CCP's end.



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