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Thread: Alpha accounts?

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    April 9, 2011

    Alpha accounts?

    can alphas be effective in pew? any good fits around?
    i'm shit at this game and just started palying, heeeeeeeelp
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    Somewhat, but to get over the initial 5mil SP Alpha threshold (Alpha has been extended to 20mil SP) you have to get alpha injectors either with ISK or at ridiculous RL prices so if you want to get into PVP proper, subbing it still the best option.

    I'd suggest going into Factional Warfare/Factional Warfare systems with frigs and then take it from there depending on how engrossed you might or might not get with the game.

    A japanese rookie pilot killed a 120bil Alliance Tournament Frig in his T1-gunned destroyer a couple of days ago btw

    -> https://zkillboard.com/kill/67362465/

    For Reference: https://zkillboard.com/kill/67362465/

    My corpmates and I were marveling at exactly how an Algos could solo a Chremoas, so I did the sensible (suprisingly) thing and reached out to the lucky solo pilot.

    And he responded.

    範囲: Bombjon 送信済み: 2018.01.18 05:46 宛先: nado mia,

    hey man, nice kill. got a story to tell?


    From: nado mia Sent: 2018.01.18 11:45 To: bombjon

    Thank you for evemailing me. If you have any question, I will answer. I am Japanese (not native English speaker) and almost newbie in eve, thus I write very slowly. Before you ask, I explain the situation. My algos fit was Algos , 10 Misk ship. My skill point is about 12M. I am FW (Faction War) farmer. I was in the small (or middle) FW site and shooting NPC. Then Chremoas appeared suddenly at about 30-40 km away. Because I am farmer, I tried to warp out (and ordered return to my drones) but I was pointed by warp disrupter. I thought I would be killed. I truned on Microwarpdrive in order to escape from disrupter range and deployed drones. In order to escape, it would be better to deploy ECM drone, but I deployed battle drones by mistake. I ordered my drones to attack Chremoas, and I shot opponent's drone with my "Dual Modulated Light Energy Beam I". Chremoas was down before my ship destroyed (my ship was almost dead, maybe hull HP reamined less than half). The fact I emphasis is that I didn't (couldn't) point him and didn't give him huge alpha damage (I had Beam gun and I shot drones). He could warp out anytime.

    After Chremoas down, I looted from wrecks and I was surprised it was over 1bisk worth items. At that time I didn't notice Chremoas is very expensive ship. I noticed it when I saw zkillboad.

    範囲: bombjon 送信済み: 2018.01.18 19:36 宛先: nado mia,

    I have to tell you this is an amazing story, thank you for sharing it with me. My friends and I were talking about this kill when we noticed it on Zkillboard and had no idea how an Algos beat the Chremoa. (transverse bulkheads! awesome!)

    Do you mind if I share this with people publically? I think it would be well received by the community.

    Thank you again for taking the time to share, I appreciate the effort you put into sharing such an amazing event.

    All the best

    -> https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comment...chremoas_kill/
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