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Thread: How to fix wrong operating system on my HP notebook

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    How to fix wrong operating system on my HP notebook

    After recieving such useful advice the last time I had a problem, Here we go again

    This time sh*t really hit the fan for me. The problem is a little more complicated than stated in the title, so here's the story (you can theoretically skip the first part):
    My father's notebook (HP Envy M7-N, WIN 10 OS) kept recieving various BSOD's, which he asked me to fix for him. Trying to locate the problem, I googled the specific BSOD Notification "Memory Management", which indicates a RAM-defect. In addition to this, after restarting Windows reported an issue concerning the file "ontology.dll", I wanted to delete this file assuming some connection with the BSOD, but after some research I found out this file often causes Problems being identified as a "false positive" trojan, so I left it untouched. Still trying to figure out what could be wrong with the RAM, the Notebook crashed again, but this time with a completely different Code for the BSOD (I wasn't quick enough to take a photo but was defenitly no more "memory management"). So I figured the problem must be different from just a RAM issue, causing me to proceed with a "system recovery". Unfortunately, my father has been having this issue for quite some time, so none of the available dates were before his first BSOD encounter. After some more failed bugfixes, I concluded that now the only way out is a complete reset back to factory settings and if this won't help, it's definitly a hardware issue.

    So I conducted a soft factory reset (soft meaning that the data would not be carefully formated as if you would do when passing the computer on to someone else, but just deleted) on the Win 10. During this process, all of a sudden the computer shut down and restarted, reporting Erorr message: "The Computer restarted unexpectedly and encountered an unexpected Error". When Clicking "ok" the computer restarted again, reporting the same Error, again and again into a loop. At this point I was like: sh*t. But HEY! I thought, a while ago I made a boot partition on a Stick. So I brute force shut down the Computer and restarted it with my stick inserted. This time it was able to boot into UEFI and I was like "Halelujah". Now using the stick I conducted a hard factory reset, taking the whole night. The next morning I see the reset was able to complete. Now starting the computer up again, the exact same error message "The Computer restarted unexpectedly and encountered an unexpected Error" showed up, causing some frustration. More Precisely: When starting up, the HP loading screen appears, then disappears quickly into blackscreen, then reappears, and then the error message pops up.

    So I googled the error message (yes I should have done this one step before but afterwards you're always smarter) and was able to fix the issue using command prompt. Long story short: You gotta change a Value 1 into 3. Now the Computer was able to fully boot into operating system and I was able to set up a new account for my father. When the setup completed, I noted something strange. I wasn't able to connect to the Internet and the sound wasn't available either. Turns out the Boot-Stick which I had used was based on my own MSI Laptop, and I had Windows 8.1 on this one. Not the HP laptop of my father which previously had Windows 10. This caused some major Issues of course, mainly relating to the drivers (in this case for sound, wlan and lan. Mouse works). Other than that, the OS seems to be operating just fine, however it mistakens the HP for a MSI (there's the MSI bloatware on it now).

    Before causing more damage I decided to turn to you guys for help. Should I
    A: stick with the "wrong" operating system and try to just manually install all the drivers? I have no access to the Internet on that laptop so would have to do it via USB.
    B: Get a Stick with Win10-Uefi boot option on it, and from there on conduct another factory reset?
    C: whatever you suggest.

    I think B is the valid option. Now this brings me to the problem that I can't just create a System Image of course, since there is a wrong OS on my Notebook now. So how can I get a bootable template for Windows 10 on my Stick and make sure it Works on my father's HP Notebook?

    I appreciate the time you took to just read this and will be happy for any kind of advice!

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    0) Back-up your data, and test that your backups restore & work as you want them to.

    1) You can get Win 10 from MS. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/soft...load/windows10
    Note the option for
    Using the tool to create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) to install Windows 10 on a different PC (click to show more or less information)
    2) You sound like you have a hardware issue. I'd suggest you get a Linux LiveISO first instead, to run Memtest86+. And see if you can get the harddrive manufacturer's Windows support utility to read the S.M.A.R.T. stats and see if that's dying instead.
    If either of those have bad addresses/blocks/sectors/whatever, you have a reasonable chance to replace them. And should then start with a fresh formatted-clean drive, fresh OS install, restore data.
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