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Thread: Operation "No more layoffs"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacul View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jolin View Post
    Haven't touched or looked at the game in atleast 5 years now. Any point in downloading it other than to spin whatever ship I might have left?
    Im having fun again. Small gangs with corp, big fleets in alliance (nc.). Mostly UK corp so lots of bants.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Daneel Trevize View Post
    When you log off, you're not there, and most of your stuff can be left docked, in highsec to boot.
    And especially these days, even nullsec assets are (AFAIK) damned safe even if all structures in a system get burned down.
    Important to note that wormhole assets are not safe and when the citadel[s] go down there, then everything [asset-wise] dies in the fire.
    I think construction materials in production also get blown up and stuff in the corporate hangar can be destroyed. And you do have to pay to get your assets back and wait a period.
    Personally I think in null-sec everything should be destroyed like in wormhole space but what if someone comes back after some time [after the change] and finds their stuff blown up? While catering to those gone might
    not always be applicable, if that change happens then all the offline players items should be transported to their home station in high-sec or the nearest npc one.

    And outposts are being replaced, this year with citadels and special citadel look-alikes. So I think citadels are better in the respect in that they can be destroyed once finalised and hopefully the update
    on the 20th will reduce their ability to be a totally safe haven for capitals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meester View Post
    but what if someone comes back after some time [after the change] and finds their stuff blown up?
    Are we in 2018 or are we not? Everyone can log in for free as an Alpha (since late 2016), iirc they can therefore access their stuff, contract things to be moved/liquidated.

    If they:
    played recently enough to have put things in Citadels (>April 2016);
    left the game;
    and haven't now taken the ~18months opportunity to relocate their docked assets;

    then maybe it would be best for CCP to make their stuff vulnerable & send them an email alerting them when its attacked (with an opt-out account setting, probably reset per citadel). There might actually be more returning players if they're provoked & find they can participate casually for free, else they can courier contract or fire-sale some stuff (maybe then also fund a PLEX to Omega for the rest of the defence). It'd be a way for active players to generate more courier demand & item market supply via unsubbed players reacting.
    If they don't care to respond to this asset threat, chances are they're not coming back any time soon/ever, so no real harm done to the game. And if that's the minority response, the overall response is a positive one for the active playbase size & diversity.

    Again, this'd only apply to stuff put in Citadels. Anything left in Outposts when they're eventually replaced (and then attacked) probably wants some conditional relocation to home station/highsec if the account hadn't played since Citadels were added.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuackBot View Post
    Idk about that, and i'm fucking stupid.

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    "stfu and play ... or else"

    As most seem to have missed it, Hrafnkell Oskarsson's out. To an interesting place though. With actual work. Then again, he actually did work. So unlike Torfi. Reynir must be having a ball.
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    J'ai violé votre vaisseau spatial. C'était amusant....!

    EVE once was about internet spaceships. Then those became serious business.
    Now all that is left is serious business, and spaceships are docked for two years till after the Dust of Incarna

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    Threatening to destroy inactive players assets would be a gamble, either someone returns or you will lose any prospects of the players now without assets returning.

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    AFAIK asset safety still applies, although there will be a minimum cost.
    Quote Originally Posted by Keieueue View Post
    I love Malcanis!



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