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Thread: S07E16 - Campfire Tales [Chipmunk Embed]

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    S07E16 - Campfire Tales [Chipmunk Embed]

    A decent vid not nuked by Hasbro on Monday morning? Astonishing. Only slightly frequency-adjusted.

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    I've been catching them on DailyMotion. Embed tags work the same, too.

    Nice continuity from season 3's 'Sleepless in Ponyville' - the episode that first established Luna's dreamwalker role and started building the relationship between Scoots and RD.

    The stories were so-so but interesting imagery and lore-building (is it still lore when it's meta-fiction?). Then again we thought Daring Doo was meta-fiction and we know how that turned out.

    Speaking of Daring Doo, I thought the sphinx pony from the teaser was going to be in this episode, but since it wasn't I'm going to guess it will be in 'Daring Done'.
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