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Thread: Growing Veg

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    You can get quite high tech with aquaponics and a grow light and a spare cupboard. A mate I know who lives in the UK grows a lot of "vegetables" for himself using this kind of stuff.

    Yeh i just want some herbs i can ignore really, I spend very little time at home.

    My dream is a marine aquarium with live coral etc but :effort:

    Actually no, if i could grow my own limes reliably THAT would be my dream. If anyone here can make that happen they will receive a reward.
    There are a number of dwarf varieties that have been grafted onto special root stocks, which makes a type of citrus bonsai. There are two kinds of lime, the type where you use the fruit for juice, and the type where you use the leaves as in Asian cooking. The leave type makes better sense if you are looking to flavor cooking rather than obtaining juice. One good thing about citrus is they can self-pollinate so you don't need to let bugs in to obtain fruit (just shake the plant to release pollen when it flowers.

    Hardware & Gardening chains here in Oz sell dwarf citrus that has been trained to grow on a small lattice, making the plant flat which is suited for growing on window sills. But a small citrus is still a largish plant so you'd need a couple of square meters on window to accommodate one.
    Full disclosure: i just threw out an aloe vera plant my friend bought me for my bday because it died. She has explained to me that they are apparently very difficult to kill.

    I have the space in the corner of my flat for a small tree i guess, i want the juice - put it on everything.

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    White rice with cilantro and lime juice mixed in is wonderful.
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    WTF I hate white people now...



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