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Thread: Emo Thread Mk.VIII - It always rains. In my soul.

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    July 13, 2017
    More turbo-lightspeed neoliberal platitudes/virtue signaling/misplaced priorities on full display.
    Sorry to hear that Alistair, shit sucks

    I am going to be an absolute wreck when my ancient cat dies, it's nearly as old as me

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    Quote Originally Posted by XenosisMk4 View Post
    Sorry to hear that Alistair, shit sucks

    I am going to be an absolute wreck when my ancient cat dies, it's nearly as old as me
    Thank you truly Xen, and thanks to the other who commented as well. I appreciate it (and appreciate no mocking, even of the good-natured variety, of me when I'm this down).

    One of the two old cats I mentioned that passed shortly before we saved Sadie was 18+ when she passed. Her name was Smokey, a long haired black cat. Sweetest thing, loved everyone, and was always a great "mom" cat to our other, younger cats.

    At the point she passed, I had had her for about half of my adult life, from living at home with the parents and getting her a few days after she was born, right up through to the end. I have pics of her where she was so small she could fit in the palm of my hand, she was a hand kitten.

    They bring such friendship and joy to my life. I only wish their lifespans were closer to our own, because this pain is just tough. Especially for folks like my wife and I, who have no kids. Our kittens are our kids.

    What break my heart so deeply is that so far, in every case, we humans had to make a call to put them to sleep. Because we couldn't let them suffer their ailments, they were at that point where keeping them alive was for us, not for them.

    If they died in the sleeps, this would (I think) be so much easier to deal with. Because we had to decide, and we choose to be there through the whole process for them, it hurts so much more deeply I think.

    In my head I know it's thr right thing to do for them. In my heart I feel crushingly guilty.
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    Sorry to hear that alistair, loosing pets is truly horrible.

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