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Thread: Zekk Pacus' AMD Ryze(n) hardware thread, July 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan Dax View Post
    A coworker decided to "invest" in bitcoin via some fund or somesuch and tried to talk me into it. I was a bit confused by his decision as he's into the green side of things when it comes to investing and tried to educate him about cost of energy/transaction but it's like talking to a five year old. "Stonks go up, paypal uses it, no inflation"


    Meanwhile, I guess I'll buy a used mining card next year.
    Your next GPU:

    RIP gamerz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcanis View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Equium Duo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by VARRAKK View Post
    Looked for 2060's, Base/Super/TI ?
    I've probably done the dumb, but I bought this lol:

    It feels like a scam, or it wont ship. But it was amazon, i bought it with my amazon account. I paid with a CC and the worse comes to the worst, I get my money back? I've had the order confirmation email.
    Make sure to film yourself opening the package so that Amazon can see it's a 3070
    They cancelled (a surprise to no one) and the money is safe at least!

    Oh well, the search continues.



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