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Thread: Zekk Pacus' AMD Ryze(n) hardware thread, July 2017

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    Finally got around to uploading pics from my phone. Questionable masculinity has been spoilered.

    Meet my newest build: Dashie.


    System is turned off, but RGB effects on motherboard will be active as long as the PSU is on.

    Mucked up the taping/painting a bit on the backside, but no one is really going to see this.

    Not visible: most of the cabling, and the second 2.5" SSD, hidden on the backside just behind the 2.5" Samsung SSD.

    I really should reroute that audio cable draping over the M.2 and RAM slots. But it might not be long enough to do that.

    Addressable RGB strip along the bottom of the case. Lights up the window and PSU nicely.

    Some stickers I ordered off Redbubble, as well as the stickers included with the motherboard. I only use one sticker, as seen earlier.

    Wallpaper: https://i.imgur.com/D7zURZI.png

    Final specs and costs. Not included in this is the cost of RB stickers, spray paint and a DVI-to-HDMI adapter so I can use the system with my TV when I want to do VR. Even with those, it comes to a hair under $1300. The ADATA SSD I have hidden was purchased a while ago, and didn't need to be included in the system, but i figured "Why not?". I will upgrade to some G.SKILL TridentZ RGB soon, as well as a ROG Strix Vega card if they ever drop in price. Still haven't decided whether to swap out the stock fans for Noctua PWM fans (for silence) or some RGB fans (for flair).


    I will upload pics and video of the RGB effects SOON(tm).
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    It's... cute

    *glances at huge black tower under the desk*

    Wish I had your patience to sort everything out, this is what PCs are really all about, customising everything. I gave up on that a long time ago when I got my Lian-Li tower, it's p. much a black monolith that makes no sounds and only has two LEDs on the front (this was rekt when I got the Xonar D2x which has colour coded LEDs inside its jack ports, so it's p. much rainbow at the back of the case lol).
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