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Thread: The Automation Spiral (obligatory loleconomics thread v2)

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    April 9, 2011
    Behind you
    He seems ridiculously paranoid about AI.

    In other news, UK union says productivity gains from AI and automation should be used to help workers to retire earlier. https://www.theguardian.com/business...-age-tuc-urges

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smuggo View Post
    He seems ridiculously paranoid about AI.

    In other news, UK union says productivity gains from AI and automation should be used to help workers to retire earlier. https://www.theguardian.com/business...-age-tuc-urges
    AGI and automation are very different things.

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    April 9, 2011
    Tesla Autopilot 'partly to blame' for crash

    The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has found that Tesla's Autopilot system was partly to blame for a fatal accident in which a Model S collided with a lorry.

    Federal investigators say Tesla "lacked understanding" of the semi-autonomous Autopilot's limitations.

    The NTSB recommended that car manufacturers and regulators take steps to ensure such systems are not misused.

    It said the collision should never have happened.

    The crash, in May 2016, led to the death of Tesla driver Joshua Brown, 40. The driver of the truck, which was pulling a trailer, was unhurt.

    "In this crash, Tesla's system worked as designed, but it was designed to perform limited tasks in a limited range of environments," Christopher Hart, a member of the NTSB said in a meeting to discuss the findings of its investigation.

    "Tesla allowed the driver to use the system outside of the environment for which it was designed, and the system gave far more leeway to the driver to divert his attention to something other than driving."

    In June, the NTSB released a 500-page report stating that in 37 minutes of driving, Mr Brown had his hands on the wheel for just 25 seconds.

    At the time, the lorry driver told the Associated Press that Mr Brown had been watching a Harry Potter film when the collision occurred.

    However, the NTSB said today that there was no evidence that Mr Brown was watching a film while he was driving.

    The safety board added that the lorry driver refused to be interviewed for its investigation.
    Primary factors

    The NTSB found that both Mr Brown and the lorry driver had sufficient sight distance to afford time for either party to have acted to prevent the collision.

    The investigation found that Mr Brown's inattention and the lorry driver's unwillingness to give way were both primary factors of the crash.

    The investigators could not find a reason why Mr Brown was inattentive.

    However, they confirmed that neither driver was fatigued or impaired by alcohol and drugs, and neither driver was distracted by a mobile device.

    Following the meeting, the NTSB's report includes seven safety recommendations requiring car manufacturers to add safeguards to prevent automated vehicle control systems from being used outside the conditions for which they were designed.

    Tesla has yet to respond to the NTSB's findings.
    My bold. He should have read the manual and not watched Harry Potter.

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    April 10, 2011
    He should, but I doubt Tesla impress on their customers that their self-driving cars should actually be treated as regular cars with a smarter emergency brake system.

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    April 9, 2011
    Viking, n.:
    1. Daring Scandinavian seafarers, explorers, adventurers, entrepreneurs world-famous for their aggressive, nautical import business, highly leveraged takeovers and blue eyes.
    2. Bloodthirsty sea pirates who ravaged northern Europe beginning in the 9th century.

    Hagar's note: The first definition is much preferred; the second is used only by malcontents, the envious, and disgruntled owners of waterfront property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liare View Post
    There's a shit load of tech innovation in agriculture. Some of the better bits are crop monitoring technologies that allow efficient resource distribution and pesticide targeting without coating everything in sight with poison.

    Oddly enough (not really) it seems to be driven by rising living costs driving labour away from shit paying agriculture work. Probably why California is leading the charge with investment.
    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Mason
    It is absurd that we are capable of witnessing a 40,000 year old system of gender oppression begin to dissolve before our eyes yet still see the abolition of a 200 year old economic system as an unrealistic utopia.



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