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Thread: MLP: The Movie (2017)

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    The more I think about the movie, the more it feels like an extended version of the season 4 finale (the one with Tirek). Which makes a lot of sense when you consider when the movie was commissioned and the fact that Megan McCarthy wrote both of them.

    Both the finale and the movie have a lot of common plot points:
    • Twilight is unsure about what it means to be a princess
    • The big bad wants all of the alicorns' powers
    • Said alicorns have no ability to stop the big bad despite their powers
    • The general design of the big bad (the Storm King looks a lot like a bipedal Tirek)
    • Twilight is on the run, trying to avoid getting caught
    • The fact that the big bad is reliant on someone else to do the real work, promising something in return, and then discards said helper once they have what they want
    • Said helper then doing a heel-face turn, discovering the power of friendship, and providing the key to saving the day (admittedly most problems are solved with friendship, but this trope in particular about the heel-face turn)
    • The Main 6 save the world yet again, and still don't get any damned respect

    Which doesn't make it a bad thing. Just that the parallels are interesting.

    Heck, they even throw in the completely unnecessary toys. S4 had the tree castle, and the movie gets the seaponies.

    Whether it was intentional or not, I can't say I'm surprised that McCarthy went this route. The S4 finale is arguably the worst example of forcing toys into the show. The tree castle was silly, and Rainbow Power is so bad that it's damn near been retconed out of the series. The movie makes its own mistakes, but even in this narrow view it's definitely a better version of the S4 finale.
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    Saw the movie tonight. About four other people in the theater, didn't have to talk to anyone the whole time (self-serve electronic ticketing ftw).

    Not much to say that hasn't been said already. It's a good movie, but not awesome. Pinkie Pie was great, but I wanted to see more from the others. Twilight snapping was...weird. We got some good villains, but their backstories were lackluster. Top-notch voice acting all around.

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    If you watched carefully Derpy purposefully took the 'bullet' for Twilight at the start of the film. She is the true hero of all this.
    Finally saw it. Can confirm, true hero.

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