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Thread: a cry for help

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    Just give someone competent moderator of the EVE section. If only to delete bot nonsense.

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    Toss me in for Global. I'm not smart enough to admin.

    Whatever you need man, I'm still active. :V

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    Quote Originally Posted by EntroX View Post
    mentelgen, some of you may have seen this coming but im sorry to disappoint you, its not what you think.

    i would much rather avoid making a huge fuzz about it but i think you guys deserve a proper explanation, no real tl;dr will be offered but hopefully i wont really drag this along too far.

    as i hinted before and i think spasm did too i'm not doing well personally, i have been going trough some rough times personally and emotionally and as it may seem very obvious to some if not most of you i have been slowly but steadily fading away from the community. i wanted to open FHC with the simple goal of keeping what was left of the SHC community alive, i committed myself to try and have as little impact to it as possible while keeping it running but i have failed to do so. yes the forum works, yes it has room to grow but sadly my situation has affected the personal portion of my commitment and to put it bluntly i cant do it anymore.

    you don't have to believe me when i say that i want to keep it running, i really do, but i cant really accept the current situation as full filling the promise i made all of you in the first place which is the reason i am posting this

    i want you guys, the community, to help me find someone who can take charge, someone who can and wants to be involved in the day to day situation of the community. i have no issues whatsoever to keep the site itself running, i think i did a fairly decent job setting it up and mechanically its pretty much self sufstaining. economically speaking thanks to the advertisements it almost pays itself, some of you still have ongoing donations that help cover whatever the ad revenue doesnt cover and even tho its been very rare i have paid for it myself and have no issues with continuing to do so. i am just disappointed in myself for not giving you

    all of this is coming as i can think of it and it comes from my heart, feel free to mock me or insult me or call me whatever you may but i promise you that no matter what i will do my best to keep the show running

    all of you deserved this explanation and hopefully we can figure out a way so we can continue to be

    Quote Originally Posted by EntroX View Post
    first of all id like to thank you guys for your kind words, it means a lot to me

    but there is something i want to make very clear since i think i am giving the wrong impression somewhat, i have no intentions of closing the site or letting it die, i am just sharing my reality with all of you that as i am right now i cannot fulfill what i wanted to do for all of you and that i want to find a way to do so

    mentally and emotionally i cant deal with people right now, it pains me to say so but that is how i feel and its both embarrassing and upsetting that i have let this go on for so long and for that i'm sorry
    Mate, sorry to hear what you're going through is affecting you this much, but from what I can see you have nothing at all to apologise for here. You've done a lot and asked for nothing in return.

    Take care of yourself and be strong. I feel I know what you're going through and I hope you're getting the help you need, but nobody is going anywhere, everybody will still be here and you can pick up on what you wanted to do and haven't done when you're better. Until then there are lotsa good people around that can fill in and help admining, you focus on yourself and get better <3
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    So sorry to hear of your troubles Entrox. I think it's safe to say everyone here appreciates what you did saving the spirit of SHC here at FHC and all you've done to keep it alive.

    If you're really ok with maintaining the existence of teh site (i.e. paying the bills for hosting defrayed by ad rev and donations), I think all we really need is someone assigned as site Admin to manager the place tech-wise and staff-wise going forward, and a few good longtime posters to step up and help moderate, even if it's just to handle bots and the real flagrant stuff.

    I have no doubt you'll find at least one willing Admin here in the community, and many of us have offered and would offer to serve as Moderators to help police the bots and spam and the like.

    I am sure we can keep FHC alive with just a minimum of effort by our community to step up and help. As I've said before, I've modded other much larger forums before, and would happily offer to help Moderate here as "spambot deleter" if needed/desired.

    Best of luck to you Entrox, I hope your problems find positive solutions, and that your life can return to a better place for you. Godspeed.
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    Trox, firstly, thank you for everything you've done for this community.

    As most others have mentioned, I wish you well and hope you work through everything in your personal life.

    Since stumbling across SHC whilst looking for Eve info and then tagging along here to FHC (ban '12s) it's been an entertaining, informative, odd and strangely supportive place. I'm sure the necessary peeps to keep FHC ticking along can be found amongst the active 'personalities' here. FWIW, Hels & Spasm probs aren't a bad place to start if they're willing.


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    Entrox, thanks for your work throughout the years.

    For many of us FHC is a bedrock, as Sarabando put it. Through FHC I've met some amazing people.

    As you can tell from the serious mental health thread we all go through some really tough times. Getting through that is far more important. As you wrote, the site runs well enough on its own.

    Get better.

    Everything else is secondary.


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