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Thread: Do we have a [what are you playing now] thread?

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    May 9, 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Hel OWeen View Post
    I'm basically playing RimWorld continuously since I bought it. It's my lets-relax-an-hour calm-down game between a round of e.g. WoWS and Dota Underlords. I just started a new map and while I did use a few mods in the past, this time I added a whole bunch (~20) of new ones, like Combat Enhanced (CE), Sidearms, Children and School, Veggie Garden and tons more, both for expanding the game play and quality of life. Especially CE alters combat drastically, not only adding tons of different firearms and ammunition for it, but also adds a cover system where assaulting pawns retreat back into cover, when hit. Strongly recommended.

    All of the mods make RimWorld essentially a new game. It's really amazing what the mod community has done for this game.
    Hey Hel, mind PM,ing me a list of those mods? I get overwhelmed when I go to add mods and I have played final release Rimworld to the end twice now so want to change it up

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    Rimworld is cool game!
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