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Thread: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't.

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    What's changed since I got old?

    Mostly Copy/Pasting from the OLD SHC sticky thread and reformating it slightly to make it more readable and better for different people based on when they stopped playing. Scroll down until when you stopped playing then read up, I'll mostly focus on essential gameplay changes, rather than small UI tweaks and such. The list is mostly meant to be a TL;DR format. If you have any suggestions to make then please post below, theres probably been a bunch of important stuff I've somehow missed.

    Rebalances to Interceptors and Interdictors. Crow got nerfed, LMLs got small nerf, All Interdictors aside from Sabre got boosted, Most Interceptors got slight buffs, Raptor got huge buff in an extra mid for a high, its now competitive and on-par with ranis/sader/claw

    A lot of changes to wormholes, you now spawn further from the wormhole based on your mass and how close to the end of life the wormhole is
    new "small ship only" wormholes, which only frigates, destroyers and HICs (with bubble active) can use

    The industry system was revamped with significantly improved UI, lots of quality of life improvements, and new features added such as teams.
    Refining rate on everything has been reduced so that you can no longer have 100% refine anymore, ore minerals was boosted to give the same as current with the new lower refine rates.

    -New Mordu's Legion faction, they are high speed, high damage missile platforms with bonuses to disruption range and very fast missiles. Mordus have a few unique ways to get their ships, mordu NPCs will spawn in lowsec, they are like mini-Officer spawns in terms of difficulty. You can also get some tags doing exploration sites and hand them in for BPCs, and you can of course, acquire them from the sole Mordu's legion LP store in 5ZXX-
    -All previous pirate faction ships have been rebalanced. Mostly the non Serpentis/Angel lines getting buffed up to Serpentis/Angel level. Serpentis are mostly unchanged recieving their targeting range un-nerfed for a PG reduction on Vigilant, Angels got a warp speed bonus, Cynabal got a small love-tap in the PG department too, Sansha got a huge after burner bonus which puts them at near MWD speeds with AB on. Blood Raiders got web range now instead of web strength on Ashimmu and Cruor, Nosferatu always works on Blood ships as if their cap is at 0 (If you played prior to nos-nerf in 2007, the same old nos) and Guristas got just 2 drones, but they have massive EHP and damage bonuses.
    - There is sound in eve! well now there are much better audio customization options
    - Amarr Drones are no longer shit!! All drones are now worth using and have been rebalanced. Drone skills have been changed a bit so that newer players are better with drones now (DI got nerfed, stats put into base stats of drones). Fighters/Fighter Bombers got slight nerfs, but are now affected by DDAs and drone modules, Supercarriers now launch just 10, but EHP+DPS was doubled. 'Augmented' Drones got buffed, as did faction.
    - More K-space to K-space wormholes from lowsec to lowsec/0.0 and vice versa. Roaming through wormholes got buffed
    - Medium Micro Jumpdrives. Cruiser sized MJD's that can be fit to only Combat BCs, DSTs and CS for the time being.
    - Deep Space Transports got buffed significantly, which a large 50,000m3 fleet hanger, and huge bonus to overheating modules, giving them really significant tanks while they can heat, best bait ship NA.
    - The Prospect, a t2 cloaky venture.
    - Freighters got 3 lowslots, but EHP/Cargo/Agility nerfed, you can get more cargo, better agility or more EHP than before the patch, but not all 3 at the same time.
    - Jump Freighters got the same treatment, but overall, nerfed.
    - Phoenix and Citadel missiles buffed.
    - Hull HP rigs
    - Warp Speed Modules, fit in lows, max 3 per ship, boost by a flat amount, max is 0.3 au/s, so max boost on a ship is 0.9 au/s. Not very useful on Interceptors. But pretty n1 when travelling in a BS/orca/Freighter
    - Some new Destroyer/BC pirate cosmetic skins that are only obtainable through new mordus legion exploration sites when they are unlocked. (They are unlocked when enough of a new data site is hacked).

    Edit: Update thanks to equak

    Rubicon (winter 2013)
    -New line of SoE exploration focused ships.
    -POCOs allowed in highsec
    -A number of deployables added, including POS Siphons, mobile storage & refitting, mobile tractor unit (auto salvager) etc.
    -Marauder rebalance. Can now use Bastion module (aka siege). 1 minute timer, boosts tank and tracking.
    -EAF, Interceptor and Interdictor rebalance. Ceptors now have bubble immunity.
    -Warp acceleration changes, now takes longer to get into / out of warp the slower your warp speed is.
    -New weapon system, Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher. BS sized weapon that shoots heavy missiles.
    -Can inject implants without pausing skills.
    -Improvements to fleet UI.
    -New interdictor bubble effect (it doesn't stack well).

    Odyssey (spring 2013)
    -You can restore sec status by redeeming special tags that drop in lowsec.
    -New Navy BCs (Brutix, Harbinger, Drake, Hurricane).
    -Access silos / hangars from anywhere inside POS(!).
    -Personal POS storage.
    -Swap T3 subs in a POS.
    -Repackage mods in POS.
    -CSMAs can now be anchored in lowsec (note: NOT CSAAs).
    -T2 production rebalance (technetium nerf), a handful of new reactions.
    -Buffed nullsec mining (mostly increased trit amounts in higher end ores).
    -Ice belts removed, replaced by anomalies that respawn on a 4 hour timer (still only in certain systems).
    -New hacking minigame for exploration. It's probably shit.
    -New transition animation for jumping, both via gate and cyno.
    -All Navy ships rebalanced. Highlights include Augoror NI and Vexor NI.
    -Major T1 Battleship rebalance, Armageddon is now a neuting drone boat (RIP).
    -Even more skill changes. Caps don't require BS V.
    -Improvements to the info panels at the top left of the HUD.
    -Autopilot now shows the route visually in space (gates realigned to match stars).
    -Command ship rebalance (each race gets two link bonuses instead of one). T3s are now worse than CS for raw strength.
    -New mindlink with multi-link bonuses.
    -Nerf to links and mindlinks across the board.
    -Changes to Command ship models (Eos = Myrm, Abso = Harby, Sleip = Cane, Nighthawk = Drake).

    Retribution (winter 2012)
    -Redone bounty system. Gives payout based on value of destroyed ship, instead of all or nothing on just pod kills.
    -Massive T1 ship rebalancing, covering Frigs, Destroyers, Cruisers and eventually BCs.
    -T1 logi is now pretty good, and joke ships like the Condor FOTM.
    -More UI improvements including compact local, hides portraits and lets you see ~three times as many in the list at once.
    -Officer rats / mods in Drone regions (no one cares).
    -Added racial Destroyer and BC skills.
    -Four new Destroyers, one for each race.
    -New combat flagging system. You can be a global target in highsec without being 'GCC'. Warping off resets sentry aggro in lowsec.
    -More details here and here.
    -Sentries don't shoot drones.
    -Buyable / sellable killrights.
    -New ORE ship, newbie mining frigate 'Venture'
    -Circular targeting icons, hover mouse over module for actual useful info.
    -Corp hangars on ships are now fleet hangars. Can be scanned and drop loot.
    -New module Micro Jump Drive. Spools up and shoots you 100km in the direction you're facing. Stopped by scrams.

    Inferno (spring 2012)
    -New missile launchers with cool missile effects.
    -Implants on pod killmails.
    -Proper killmail UI ingame.
    -A handful of new modules, most notably drone damage mods, ancillary shield boosters (uses cap charges directly) and CPU rigs.
    -Ewar more clearly displayed in the UI (no need to search the overview for who's tackling).
    -Updated UI for hangars / containers. It was shit, has gotten better.
    -Estimated value of mods / ships in a hangar or container displayed in each window.
    -Redone wardec system. No one cared, but the defender can now hire allies.
    -Lots of small UI tweaks, like highlighting market orders that are on your autopilot route.
    -FW changes - tl;dr you can get lots of LP and lowsec is more active.
    -Best expansion trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kED11aGobUk
    -Mining barges rebalanced, now differentiated by tank vs ore capacity.

    - Tier 3 BCs, they're basically Glass Cannons/Stealth Bomb battlecruiser variants. They can all fit 8x Large BS guns, they do BS damage but have no drones, (except 25m3 on Talos) and have cruiser HP, but also have almost-cruiser speed/agility. Much like stealth bombers, they do a ton of DPS but get their shit pushed in by Frigates/Cruisers that can get in under their lolBStracking.
    - Assault Frigates got buffed, a lot of them got fittings, HP boost and an extra slot + 4th bonus. They are well worth flying now.
    - A lot of random modules got t2 Versions, t2 gang link, t2 bubble, t2 bomb launcher, t2 probe launcher
    - Hybrids got buffed, now a Thorax doesn't die to a Rupture in blaster optimal range, yay!. Null got buffed, hybrid reload time is now 5 seconds, fitting on rails/blasters got reduced, damage increased.
    - All t2 close range ammo got buffed to non-shit status. Void/Hail/Conflag basically had their tracking penalty change from 0.5 to 0.75. And a 10% damage increase so now they don't just do 1% more damage than faction does, it's worth switching to it in situations. Javelin/Gleam/Quake also got damage buffed, the tracking penalty changed to a tracking bonus. And all of the shitty penalities removed that isn't range/cap use. So now you're signature won't go up when loading gleam, nor will your thrasher with only a single sensor booster for active module cap out when loading quake, Javelin no longer has speed penalty etc. Now all are worth loading.
    - Destroyers got their ROF penalties removed, basically, all destroyers got a 33% damage boost. It's now possible to get lol 600 dps from a catalyst, The thrasher now owns.
    - Dramiel got nerfed. Finally.
    - There is literally hundreds of small UI changes/bug fixes that were made here. Go here if you want to find out more. My Favorite is being able to autopilot to stations.

    - Not much to say here, walking in stations got added but it's single player only. There are 4 station environments and other than for you to stare at your characters ass and look around for 5 minutes pretty much everyone goes back to the regular hanger the next day.
    - Nex Store, a lot of overpriced clothes that only yourself will see. There is only two items that will actually display on your forum avatar, the Nightstalker something or other goggles, or the infamous Monocle (which costs more than a monocle IRL).

    - There are now Incursions that happen in all of eve K-space. Incursions are mostly Group PVE content, they use sleeper AI and each Sansha NPC has a role like logistics, scrambling, bomber NPCs etc. You get CONCORD LP for completing them which can be used to by meta 2 Capital modules (This includes Remote shield, energy, armor and Guns/Launchers only) and new .5 implants. Incursions will shit up the system with penalties that reduce bountys, cyno jam the system, prevent jump bridges being used FROM the system, and will reduce your resistances. The rats at belts and gates will also be changed to super elite rats which will rape the average player ship making mining and belt ratting almost impossible. Theres also a Sanshas mothership and Sansha fighter bombers but it's considered to be terrible because of lol shields.
    - New character creator
    - Learning skills removed, and any SP you had invested them in is now refunded and can be applied to any skills that you want from the character sheet.
    - Noctis, a dedicated salvaging ship that can tractor beam to 80km and gets a bonus to salvaging cycle time. It's basically the default level 4 / belt/anomaly hoover.
    - Faction ships are now on the market
    - Rockets got buffed making them non-shit.

    - Plantery Interaction, all NPC seeded goods have been removed and are now manufactured by players. You can put a command centre on a planet, extract goods and process them into different materials using processors on planets.
    - Eve-gate, AKA spacebook. most people have forgetten about this the week after it came out.
    :thats literally it for tyrannis:

    - All the Pirate faction ships were given unique bonuses and rebalanced and all with a few exceptions are really good PvP ships. Angel Cartel ships are FOTM. The Frigate Navy ships were also redesigned and are now also awesome.
    - Autocannons got buffed by increased DPS, increased falloff on higher tier ACs, doubled ammo capacity and tracking enhancers and tracking computers now effect falloff. Artys are now awesome. Hybrids are still shit.
    - The sov system got changed and is no-longer based on POS.
    - Systems are upgradeable (although the anomaly upgrades recently got nerfed hard) so you can turn some shitty regions into decent ones, the upgrades include increased anomalys, higher chance of plexes spawning, higher chance of wormholes spawning, guranteed hidden asteroid belts, and mini-profession sites (such as hacking).
    - There are now pirate faction epic arcs (Guristas and Angels) that can be run by AFs/Intys and you get decent rewards for doing it, standings + faction Cruiser BPC.
    - Fleet Finder, you can now just 'search for fleets' and join a fleet if its listed in the fleet finder. Useful for joining CTAs etc without having to ask for x's.
    - Supercarriers now are awesome and considered OP. The Hel is still shit though.
    - Titans also got massive hitpoint buff and their doomsday has been changed to single target although it does 3 million damage at DD5/Titan5, so now insta's carriers

    - Probing system revamped, it's now not shit, and based more on player skill than the ship skill. Probing skills are still important, but you're not going to have to :lolwaitfor7minutesperscan:. It's now 100% accurate, as long as you have significant probe strength, as opposed to the previous chance based system
    - Wormholes, wormholes go into wormhole space, they can be probed down, and you run sites in their to get components to build T3 ships. The NPCs inside have much better AI and in wormholes of class 3 and higher you generally need an organised group to run them. If you lose your probes/probing ship then you're stuck and have to commit seppuku to escape.
    - T3s, basically better, more expensive HACs. Have 5 subsystems with 4 options which can be swapped out and changes the look of the ship as well . Theres only about 2 useful configurations per ship though. Have some interesting options like a covert cloak system and interdiction nullifier subsystem which allows you to warp in bubbles and prevents them from dragging you
    - Rigs are now sized based. Frigate rigs cost 1/25th of a BS rig so you now basically fit a rig on everything including rifters.
    - Epic Mission Arcs - You can now choose Dialog Box 1, 2 or 3 to choose what mission you would like to next during the Arc. Good rewards at the end of it.
    - Stealth Bombers are now awesome, can use covert cloaks now and they use torpedos and do about 450-500 DPS each. Still are made of paper and get raped by a 1 week old noob in a merlin since they have no anti-frig support. But are now very nice in Recon gangs as DPS ships. Bombs cost much less now also, and can generally be bought for 800k each or so. Most alliances like to do bombing runs on large blobs of enemy ships, making them fairly useful.
    - ECM got range nerfed, and Falcon/Rook lost ECM optimal bonuses. Falcon got 10m3 and rook got 25m3 drones to compensate. Rook is actually a decent ship now for solo faggotry.
    - You can now remap your attributes every year. Remapping allows you to focus your attributes wherever you want, so you can now all be Achuras without being ugly.

    Quantum Rise
    - Orca, highsec capable Rorqual which gets similar bonuses and can store ships inside it. Default ship for highsec miners now.
    - Scrams now shut down MWDs, making a lot of ships with limited midslots a lot better. Afterburners are now useful and used to dictate range within scram range. Scrams are the new webs
    - Webs got nerfed from 90% t2 to 60% t2.
    - All ships got slowed down, poly carbons and nanos nerfed to give speed/agility (stacks with istabs/ods), ODs nerfed heavily, aux thrusters nerfed. Lots of implants moved to slot 6 making most of them useless. Skirmish Warfare skill now gives agility instead of speed. x-stinct boosters now give -sig instead of speed.
    - Stackless UI and 64bit shit made jita actually stable with 1000 guys in it.
    - Certificates/Medals - Some cool looking but useless things that you'll forget exist after a few days, most people just send medals to corp members saying "useless fuck".

    Empyrean Age
    - Factional Warfare, Gallente/Minmatar vs Amarr/Caldari, you can shoot any of the opposing factions, like a massive wardec. You get shot by opposing factions in their highsec though by NPCs. 0.5 rats can be tanked easily by a solo drake whereas the 1.0 spawns rape you and web/neut/damp. Pretty much abadoned by CCP now. Good for getting small scale pvp fights in lolsec, you can also run lowsec fw missions which give good isk/hr. It's possible to capture systems by running FW plexes in them but doesn't do anything outside of lolrp except changing a bit of text in system info.
    - New faction ships which all suck except for the omen, including navy osprey, navy exequror, scythe-fleet issue, and omen navy issue.
    - A new lolsec region called 'black rise' got added, which links to CR and is next to essence and the citadel lowsec.

    - New graphics
    - Black Ops, t2 Battleships which can use a black ops jumpbridge to portal cloaky t3s, Stealth Bombers, Transport Ships, Cloaky Recons and Covert Ops. Covert Cynos can be light in cyno jammed systems. Mostly used to hotdrop carebears. The Ships themselves don't see much action and are worse than the t1 varients that they are based off, and the Gallente one is especially shit. Redeemer is considered the best one.
    - Maruders, t2 PVE battleships, they have double cargo size, tractor beam bonuses, and active tanking bonuses. They have much bigger signature radius and half the sensor strength though, so get lol permajammed by a griffin and owned by fighter bombers, making them rarely seen in PVP, especially now that the Pirate Faction ships are buffed.
    - Heavy Interdictors, Tanky HAC like Ships that can fit a bubble module similar to the dictor varient, although the bubble is from the actual ship rather than a disposable probe, they can't be repped while their bubble is up and get speed penalities. Can also script the bubble to make it a single target, infi point They don't have drone bays and do poor DPS, making them mostly gang ships that are good for tackling capitals or for small gang camping.
    - Electronic Attack Ships, mini recons, sound cool as hell on paper, unfortunately they are mostly complete shit, there are more active titans than there are EAS so this might clue you in to how bad they are.
    - Omen/Ferox/Eagle/Zealot all got +1 turret slot. Apoc got cap bonus built into the hull and got an optimal range bonus instead making it the default sniping BS ship (although sniper BS are now almost extinct on TQ).
    - Eve Voice, ingame voice, it's mostly considered to be inferior to TS/Vent/Mumble since obviously if your client crashes then so does your voice. has gotten a lot better recently. Is handy if you want to fleet up with some pubbie though and don't want to give out TS details. Also nice for small corps who don't want to pay for OOG voice service.
    - Interceptors got a -80% propulsion jamming cap bonus so now can perma run mwd and warp disrupter, the tackle ceptors stiletto/ares/malediction/raptor got a optimal range bonus so they can point to 30km(36 heated). Ares got made non shit by gaining a mid for a high, Raptor is still shit.
    - Torpedos are now massive DPS <20km weapon systems. Torp Raven can now put out megathron level DPS if the target is webbed and painted.
    - Heat, you can now overheat modules increasing their stats but causing damage to your modules eventually making them unsuable until you repair them in station. Pretty much the most essential PvP skill. Can use Nanite Paste to repair heat damage in space if your modules haven't totally burnt out.
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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    Fuck yeah, totally forgot about saving the other thread, thanks a lot.
    nevar forget

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    Good beakdown; nice layout

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    adding glue.

    edit: maybe not, someone beat me to it
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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    can't we just change the thread title to:

    [COMING BACK TO EVE] ~Don't~


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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    I havent played eve in over a year. In the past year ive fucked more girls than i ever have.


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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    Quote Originally Posted by Laundry
    I havent played eve in over a year. In the past year ive fucked more girls than i ever have.
    So you've learned that one is more than none?

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    My first act coming back to EVE was to lose an Anathema undocking in low sec because apparently that can happen now.

    GJ me.

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    I have to stop reading these threads they remind me how long i have been playing. Hics still seem relativly new to me ffs.


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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    I remember when blah blah blah. EvE went downhill after exodus.

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    Quote Originally Posted by Helen
    I remember when blah blah blah. EvE went downhill after exodus.
    Shit happens.

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    Walk in stations - SoonTM

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    I've had trouble with changes in Eve since Gemini-->Castor.

    I mean, they changed the song on the splash screen. I still pine for the Gemini login. I have the song in mp3 somewhere but it's a "blue" colored song and we have a greenish mud colored splash screen now. Totally doesn't work to just play the old song over the current screen.

    Oh, btw thanks for this thread, the OP covers just about everything I've missed.

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    Can you please upload that song somewhere?

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Pellegrino
    Can you please upload that song somewhere?
    Did a search and found it already uploaded to Eve-Files. God, I love Chibbra.


    I'm not sure it was ever called anything but Ambient001, I don't recall it on the playlist once you got inside the client, and after the first expansion it was replaced. I almost ragequit on the spot, but my computer died before I could properly work up a good head of steam. The whole "lol Eve has sound?" routine always bugged me because this track DEFINED Eve for me in the early days. It takes me back to highsec (or at least lowsec) rares and never knowing what the universe would hold after the patch of the week.

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    Posting a screen of what EVE looked like when i started:

    world of tanks derp gun world of tanks derp gun world of tanks derp gun

    Tanks name = BS87
    Every other game = Kegger McManus

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    Quote Originally Posted by Helen
    I remember when blah blah blah. EvE went downhill after exodus.
    I thought Apocyrpha was alright

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    Quote Originally Posted by Skidrowpunk
    Posting a screen of what EVE looked like when i started:

    It prolly isn't but it looks a lot less shit than the UI we have these days.
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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    They have actually improved the UI quite a lot imo. That isn't to say it's good right now, just that it is still better than what was there before.

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    Re: [COMING BACK TO EVE] Don't make a new one, use this thre

    Part of me wishes that Entrox hadn't ridden to the rescue with this forum, I'd have been able to walk away from Eve.
    Gues I'll just have to shit post some moreand try to avoid the eve section.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sofia Roseburn

    user was banned for this lock



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