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Thread: Gwent - The Witcher card game

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    April 11, 2011

    mostly pretty standard consume, except I cut all the arachas out because they get completely fucked by a lot of popular decks (bears/axemen obviously, as well as machine NR). Instead focus on nekkers as a wincon by consuming like crazy (but for less tempo) in r1.

    still not sure about the crones, been switching them out for hag/frightener/x for more versatility, but they are pretty useful to make up for lack of early tempo. also playing with swapping regis for something like yen:con or gigni, because right now he's normally a pretty meh body and +1 consume (which is nice) - and sometimes vs Sk you fuck yourself by having to banish a card to their GY which they can instantly rez.
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    April 9, 2011
    I still short succubus for monster deck I want.

    Started playing consume, bit of weather shortly before closed beta ended, swapped to more harpy/golem with weather and full weather basically early open beta. Right now I made the full circle and I am back to consume decks.



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