Good Evening all,

On behalf of The Tuskers Co., winners of ATXIV, I am offering a few of this year's Alliance Tournament Prize ships, the Caedes & Rabisu. In addition, I am also selling some previous Alliance Tournament prize ships. To order one of these, please send myself a mail indicating your interest.

The prices for these wonderful war vessels are as follows:

Caedes: 150B
Rabisu: 190B
Whiptail: 90B
Imp: 110B

Please note these prices are not up for discussion. There are a limited number of these ships for sale, in particular the Rabisu has limited availability.

Now for the fun part, the stats.

The Caedes is the best covert ops in the game, able to safely neut out enemies at range when it decloaks at a safe distance.

The Rabisu is the best armour logistics cruiser in the game, much more agile & faster than an Oneiros and reps far more. It can also protect itself from hostile tackle with its bonused energy nosferatus, which it can use to keep its local and remote tank going.

The Imp is a high dps, very high speed/sig tanking beast with decent effective HP. It reaches almost MWD speeds of ceptors with its AB.

The Whiptail is a very high DPS, very fast interceptor that can engage enemies at range without committing itself.