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Thread: EVE Bet and the EULA changes

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    EVE Bet and the EULA changes

    Hey guys, reposting this here since I know a lot of people who follow the AT closely also like to bet on EVE Bet when it's on.

    TL;DR - We will have to close down due to the planned changes to the EULA but not until November, so we are continuing to take bets for the rest of the AT and will be honoring all payouts.

    Hi everyone,

    Wow! Big news. In case you missed it, CCP Falcon has posted a dev blog notifying the community of an upcoming change to EVE's End of User License Agreement. The part which is relevant to EVE Bet and our customers is the bolded line added to this section:

    You may not transfer, sell or auction, or buy or accept any offer to transfer, sell or auction (or offer to do any of the foregoing), any content appearing within the Game environment, including without limitation characters, character attributes, items, currency, and objects, other than via a permitted Character Transfer as described in section 3 above. You may not encourage or induce any other person to participate in such a prohibited transaction. You may not use, transfer or assign any game assets for games of chance operated by third parties. The buying, selling or auctioning (or any attempt at doing so) of characters, character attributes, items, currency, or objects, whether through online auctions, newsgroups, postings on message boards or any other means is prohibited by the EULA and a violation of CCP's proprietary rights in the Game.
    This means that 3rd party gambling websites like EVE Bet and including Trillionaire, EOH Poker and several others will no longer be able to operate after the 8th of November without being in violation of the EULA. Effectively, we're being shut down.

    So what does this mean for you? First of all we want to assure our customers that there will be no seizure of EVE Bet ISK or assets by CCP. We run a clean operation and always have. Any ISK that you have currently sitting in your EVE Bet wallet is secure and will remain available to you to bet with.

    It will be business as usual until the deadline on 8th November and in the meantime we will continue to sponsor the news websites, player meetups, streamers and other content creators that we've proudly supported for years.

    Our customers will have ample time to withdraw their deposits before we turn off the lights and we will honor each and every payout. Over the years EVE Bet has earned a stellar reputation, forged professional relationships and made some genuine friendships which we have no intention of ruining at the last minute for the sake of some pretend internet spaceship money.

    We hope that you guys will stay with us in the meantime, especially with the final weekend of Alliance Tournament XIV coming up! It promises to be an exciting weekend as always. And of course our regular sports betting and gaming services will also continue to operate as normal.

    Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this great site for the last four years and for your contribution to its success! We'll miss doing what we do for you guys.

    - The EVE Bet Team
    EVE Down Under - a community for players in the AUTZ
    In-game channel: evedownunder // Twitter // Facebook // www.evedownunder.com

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    There is no Icelandic translation for throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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    The obvious answer is to rmt isk to gamble with irl money.
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    I see you have read nietzsche's little known work "beyond boobs and butts".



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