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Thread: Skyshitters get rekt! A2A missiles finally getting nerfed!

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    Skyshitters get rekt! A2A missiles finally getting nerfed!

    Link to Reddit thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Wrel
    Hey there. These changes are intended primarily impact the balance of air to air combat (with some adjustments to the anti-infantry noseguns as well.) Sorry, no Valkyrie or A2G love yet. Call it Air 1.5, so we can get the phase 2 jokes out of the way right up front.
    Also, be sure to read the very bottom of the post, some good feedback so far, will be continuing to make changes.

    Walker (includes ground variants)
    Projectile velocity from 1000 to 850
    Note: Toning the velocity down a bit on this weapon helps correct the prior imbalance in skill versus reward, while still leaving the weapon extremely competitive at its role.


    Composite Armor
    Now increases resistance to ESF noseguns by 4/6/8/10%
    Note: Composite Armor changes for the Galaxy, Valkyrie, and ESF are meant to increase the value of the slot in general, though on the Galaxy it’s also helps offset some of the increased effectiveness that ESF will have against the vehicle, provided they spec for it. More on that below.


    Composite Armor
    Now increases resistance to ESF noseguns by 3/6/9/12%


    Damage from 150 to 350
    Cone of fire from 1.5 to 1
    Refire rate from 344ms to 300ms

    Note: This change looks pretty drastic (and it is,) but the current Hyenas aren’t effective at their intended role, being close range anti-air. There’s some pretty strict competition for this slot, given the effectiveness of the Walker and the (now increased, given past resistance value changes) effectiveness of the Drake, and if we can get the tuning right, it should carve out a nice role for the weapon.


    Engagement Radar
    Now default for all ESF at max rank, certs refunded
    Note: Big change here. It’s rare to see a veteran pilot sacrificing a Utility slot to Engagement Radar because they’ve already developed the right habits and awareness. New players, on the other hand, need a lot of help in this area. Stealth still reduces the effectiveness of the Engagement Radar ability, but with the increased effectiveness of Composite Armor, you’ll most likely see more veteran pilots now “showing themselves” on radar, so it’s a win in that area as well.

    Composite Armor
    Now increases resistance to ESF noseguns by 4/6/8/10%
    Projectile acceleration from 10 to 50

    Note: This was previously going to receive some increases to magazine size and ammo capacity, but there were community concerns surrounding buffing Coyotes too much, and it makes sense. The last thing we want Coyotes to become is Tomcats 2.0, but they also need to have a little more viability in the dogfighting realm, for those players who don’t enjoy afterburner/nosegun setups.

    Tomcat A2AM Pods/Photon Missile Pods
    No longer requires the pilot to maintain the lock
    Reload must be finished before locking onto next target
    Direct damage from 850 to 750
    Placed on new resistance type
    Ammo capacity from 6 to 11
    Scythe, Mosquito, Reaver = 10% resistance
    Valkyrie = 15% resistance
    Liberator = -5% resistance
    Galaxy = 0% resistance
    Shots to kill Scythe, Mosquito, Reaver from 3 (1083.75dmg) to 5 (675dmg)
    Shots to kill Valkyrie from 5 (714dmg) to 6 (552.5dmg)
    Shots to kill Liberator from 9 (573.75dmg) to 7 (787.5dmg)
    Shots to kill Galaxy from 19 (382.5dmg) to 10 (750dmg)

    Note: Many of you know that I’m a fan of velocity and tracking changes for Tomcats, but in the end, it didn’t make sense to go that direction because (let’s be honest) tracking can’t really be depended on due to client/server whatever-whatevers. So the “safer” alternative was to make damage adjustments. That being said, the overall goal was always to adjust the role of Tomcats to more of a “big game hunter” weapon, instead of something that could wreck ESF. It also needed to be easier to use for new players, which the “stay looking at your target” took away.

    That being said, by nerfing the alpha damage against ESF, you should see a massive boost in survivability of fighters, to the point where it won’t really make sense to use the weapon in a dogfighting setup. Liberators and Galaxies will need to be more wary of A2A lock-ons now, and the weapon itself should secure a role for dealing with these sorts of targets.

    If these changes don’t float your boat on PTS (and do test them out on PTS), talk to me more about it and we can explore other options.


    Vortek Rotary
    Refire rate from 80ms to 86ms
    Ammo capacity from 250 to 300
    Note: (8000 dpm, 3720dps.) Vortek was far and away better than the other rotaries through raw damage output. While it’s definitely more reliant on skill, due to the lower magazine size, it was also a bit further away than it probably should be, given the proliferation of cannon rushing in the past couple of years.

    M20 Kestrel
    Projectile velocity from 750 to 770
    Now deals 250 damage at any range
    Note: Locust cannons in general lack “hard” benefits, compared to alternatives. Magazine size differences don’t really outpace all of the downsides. So the slight velocity adjustment and removal of damage fall-off is meant to secure the weapons a role as “big game hunters,” similar to the role Tomcats are now taking on. They still lack in cone of fire and (more importantly) rate of fire compared to the default noseguns, which still leaves them lacking when it comes to dogfighting, especially within the 200 meterish range.

    M30 Mustang AH
    Refire rate from 333ms to 500ms
    Indirect damage minimum radius from 0.5 to 0.33
    Note: Rate of fire reduction slows down the burst damage against enemy vehicles, and prolongs exposure time, while the indirect damage minimum radius forces the ESF to get a little closer to secure the same sort of infantry/MAX kills they were able to in the past.


    Saron Laser Cannon
    Projectile velocity from 800 to 750
    Note: All of the VS noseguns had, for whatever reason (maybe someone can explain it to me) 50m/sec better velocity than the other factions’ weapons, and the vehicle is already notoriously difficult to hit unless it pancakes. So it seemed like an unnecessary advantage in the scheme of things.

    Hailstorm Turbo Laser
    Renamed “Maelstrom Turbo Laser”
    Projectile velocity from 700 to 650
    Ammo capacity from 350 to 420
    Note: (8050dpm, 3285dps.)

    Antares LC
    Now deals 220 damage at any range
    Projectile velocity from 800 to 770

    Light PPA
    Extended Magazines now provides 6, 12, 18, 24 extra rounds, down from 13, 25, 38, 50 rounds
    Maximum damage radius from 1m to 0.75m
    Minimum damage radius from 4m to 3m

    Note: The excessive amount of ammo provided by the extended magazine is more cleanup than anything else, but the min/maximum damage radius adjustments should require more precision on the user end in order to secure the same infantry kills.


    M18 Rotary
    Ammo capacity from 450 to 520
    Note: (9000dpm, 3333dps)

    M18 Locust
    Projectile velocity from 750 to 770
    Now deals 200 damage at any range

    M14 Banshee
    Minimum CoF from 0.75 to 0.5
    Magazine size from 32 to 35
    Ammo capacity from 256 to 280
    Note: Cone of Fire adjustment is the big one, here. The weapon should be a bit more agreeable to players who can aim, opposed to rolling dice and hoping for results.


    This is a work in progress. Let me know what you do/don’t like. Any and all feedback is welcome, but theorycrafting only goes so far. The changes are meant to affect not only veterans, but new pilots, as well as shape the meta of ESF <-> Large Air Vehicle interactions a bit as well. So go to the Test Server, maybe organize some scrims, and let me know what you think at least about that side of it.
    EDIT: Good feedback so far, folks.

    Walker changes: Lots of concern about ground taking a hit before A2G gets a pass. So I'll separate the weapon types and leave ground versions as is until that happens. /u/feench

    Coyotes/Hyena: Good points on stealth being supper ripped versus these weapons. While I don't share concerns that they'll magically not be viable, having Stealth being a hard counter doesn't really make sense, either.

    Galaxy Composite Armor: Galaxies are really tanky, no denying that. The intention of a composite buff would be to offset the scaling from new advantages that Locusts/Tomcats will have over them, but there's no telling whether or not that meta will actually form. So until it proves otherwise, we can revert the Composite Armor buff.

    Vortek and Rotaries: More folks seem to be in the camp of buffing the VS/TR rotaries to match Vortek's performance, rather than pulling back Vortek's rate of fire. If we can figure out a decent way to do that without completely overrunning the value of the other two noseguns, then I'm down for it.

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    Bloody skynights. Is Wrel a dev now wtf?

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    Nobody uses lockons against libs, you sit as far away as possible and plink with noseguns so you don't get dalton'd.

    Honabru skynight whining wins the day again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydronic View Post
    Bloody skynights. Is Wrel a dev now wtf?
    Yup! They hired him a few months ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saul View Post
    Nobody uses lockons against libs, you sit as far away as possible and plink with noseguns so you don't get dalton'd.

    Honabru skynight whining wins the day again.
    In the current meta that's true, but with the increased damage lock-ons will now give new players a useful role in the air without making lock-ons lame as fuck to fight against in an ESF.

    PS: stay salty landcrab~

    EDIT: An amazing video that one of Miller's shitposters made:



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