Red vs Blue have secured a permanent place in EVE history

Over the past 8 years; RvB pilots, in our never ending feud have destroyed over 1 million ships totaling more than 34 trillion in ISK losses (that is an average of 390 kills per day!).

Our PvP activity accounts for close to 10% of all PvP in EVE… 10%!!

Engaged in an endless conflict; the Red Federation and Blue Republic allow anyone (new and old) who are interested in PvP to sign up and engage in good fights and quick PvP.

RvB believe fights that are fair for both sides creates more fun for everyone and ensures that fights happen fast and furious.

In order to keep this total anarchy dream alive, Red vs Blue have two main rules, plus one very important “core” rule:

Rule #1: no podding fellow RvB members.
Rule #2: no mid slot targeted ECM jammers

And the “core” rule? 'don’t be a d!ck'

So, why join RvB?

RvB is a long standing PvP entity that dates back to 2008
Target-rich environment of other pilots looking to get honest, fun, fights (our stats don’t lie!)
RvB provides pilots the opportunity for 1v1s, small gangs, free-for-alls, brawls, roams and so on.
RvB won't force you to log on, you're welcome to log on as little or often as you like.
RvB has an open door policy, anybody is welcome to join and you're welcome to leave and come back as often as you desire.
Pilots range from 2003 vets to 2016 new-bros'. Therefore you will be able to fight against and learn from pilots at all levels.
Mumble, Killboards and Forums
No annoying long drawn out auth procedures, simply apply and wait for someone to approve your application

New to PvP?

* Whether you've been shooting asteroids, running missions or manufacturing stuff for years, RvB is the best place to get your first taste of PvP. We offer classes, learning events and the most effective method, experience!

* There are plenty of veteran pilots who will give you all the 1v1s you want, and are more than willing to share their knowledge, fits, and provide advice.



RvB is always open. RvB always has fights and RvB never refuses a pilot… So what are you waiting for!?!?!

Join our in-game channel R-V-B and try us out.