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Thread: (UK EURO WAFFLE) Limey Civil War

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    April 10, 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by elmicker View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeekar View Post
    You dont think it takes at least some level of skill to nick 46m and get away with it?
    I'm struggling to understand how it could happen frankly, and I say that as someone who's worked in consultancy and professional services for the last five years. Break it down into man-hours and it's a staggering amount of time that's been spent, even at very top-end lawyer/architect/lobbyist rates.
    "Hodge’s report found that his deputy mayor for transport, Isabel Dedring, and Transport for London’s director of planning, Richard de Cani, saw to it that the choice of Lumley’s team of Thomas Heatherwick and engineering giant Arup was a foregone conclusion. The team was allowed to revise their bid while their competitors were not, the scoring was found to be irregular, while de Cani admitted that he alone judged the bids.

    In a move that has raised concerns over conflict of interest, both Dedring and de Cani now enjoy senior positions at Arup, where most of the 37.4m of public funding spent to date has been funnelled; TfL and the department for transport have both denied any such conflict."


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    I really like reading about England politics , I even like Corbyn to some degree , but damm he was a bit dumb on the whole GE aproving .To ilustrate my point I will tell you the ascension of the now prime minister of Portugal:

    -During the troika intervention on the country , he try's to win the biggest city of the country and wins becoming the president and saying that he will go against the usual policy of austerity.

    -Fast forward two years and the coagilition of the right, that had the majority of the parliament, is getting slammed by the trotsky party, by the comunist and by the socialist party .Because of the austerity the pools say that the right wing will still win but will probably loose the majority of the parliament.

    -Seeing this the then president of Lisbon undermines the actual socialist leader, that actually was wining in the pools popularity wise, and asks for election in the socialist party and wins by a small margin.

    -Costa is now the president of the socialists and goes to the election weak because of the coup he made in is own party .The right wins again in the elections but loses the majority of he parliament to the left.

    -Costa the next day starts talking with the "crazys" left and starts saying that the only way is to form a coalition and get the right off the government.

    -All the media laughs at him because or left never allied itself with the socialist moderates , but then he manages to allied everyone.

    -The right tries to pass the law for the budget , all of the left goes against it , right wing government goes apeshit saying this is a coup de etat , that they won the election.

    -Costa forms a government with the aproval of the left crazys and it is still kicking and Portugal is actually getting true and slowly growing...

    Now I believe Corbyn wouldn't/couldn't do this because of the bi partisan party in England but he doesn't seem to get that the object of politics is try to do good for the Country and sometimes you need to put salt on a wound to heal it.

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    Well now....



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