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Thread: (UK EURO WAFFLE) Limey Civil War

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keckers View Post
    The fundamental problem with the Labour party is they exist in a political system designed through a series of compromises by an entrenched ruling class, and Labour as a party are pivoting their focus to grass roots broad based support.

    In the existing westminster political climate, Starmer is an ideal leader. In the existing national political climate which Labour has tapped into, you get Corbyn. The structure of British democracy is a real problem for the left, because it is structurally misaligned to several key tenets of their underlying ideology.
    He's not wrong.

    Both the major parties have spent so long trying to be all things to all people that they inevitably end up with either a leader who heavily appeals to one faction but puts the others off, or you get a compromise candidate who everyone can sort of live with. A natural consequence of FPTP winner takes all politics.
    'I'm pro life. I'm a non-smoker. I'm a pro-life non-smoker. WOO, Let the party begin!'

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    And a compromise candidate everyone can put up with just leaves us with a political system open to abuse.
    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Mason
    It is absurd that we are capable of witnessing a 40,000 year old system of gender oppression begin to dissolve before our eyes yet still see the abolition of a 200 year old economic system as an unrealistic utopia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Appleby View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Kai View Post
    Or maybe we do
    Ganz bestimmt.

    Nein Deutsch, Australian.

    But knowing that German has gendered nouns is literally primary school level knowledge.



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