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Thread: Tired Of Serious Corps? Join Soggy Biscuit - Small Gang all day

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    October 19, 2011

    Tired Of Serious Corps? Join Soggy Biscuit - Small Gang all day

    In memory of Lex Fasces, New Eden Renegades will be his Memorial. May he kite on like a true warrior.

    But if there was one thing Lex was always standing for, it's being a GOD DAMN INTERNET SPACESHIP HERO / BARBARIAN!

    So I ask you: ARE YOU A GOD DAMN HERO? Are you, too, tired of your super serious corp who simply cannot take a joke? Why not join the least professional corp in New Eden, where it is cool to sell loki alts and buy them back 6 months later, or to waste money on a brand new mic that is just as crappy as your old one?

    Soggy Biscuit is a PvPPPPPPPPP corp who make it our pride and joy to not take anything in this game serious, at all.
    Well, we do take pride in 'getting kicked out of every alliance we've ever been in' or at least make them disband and put some effort into it, so I guess we take that quite serious.

    The main aspect is to have fun. We don't want to hold space, spend endless hours bashing a POS or spend hours camping a gate waiting for noobships. We simply want to get online and shoot stuff. Or stay offline and talk **** on TS3.

    We base out of whatever High- or Lowsec system is closest to the action and engage in player vs extreme blob activities in the surrounding area. We will usually engage anything if we can snag some kills / have a fight!

    Typical gang size is around 5-10 but can go even smaller depending on numbers. The idea behind a gang is to have a load of people exploding be it them or us. We do all kinds of gangs, from shield hero fleets to armor cruiser fleets.

    We are currently basing out of Kamela as it puts us close to a lot of potential hot zones. Most of our pvp is happening in Minmatar/Amarr FW-Lowsec and the sourrounding 0.0 atm.

    We basically hop into a fast, fun gang comp and roll around the spaceplanes of New Eden wearing our digital pirate hats, wizard hats, TF2 hats and any other kind of hat we can squeeze on (OR MONOCLE IF THAT IS YOUR THING)

    As a fully fledged Soggy Member you are expected to :
    - talk loudly on comms (maybe a little singing)
    - interrupt the FC wherever possible
    - be self sufficient
    - not be a super serious neckbeard (its a game)
    - not be afraid to die (it happens sometimes apparently)

    We can provide pointers on how to make isk using alts etc but no handouts will be given. Earn your own damn isk.

    We base out of Kamela and are mainly EU timezone with some Amerifags. Most of the funtimes happens between downtime and 0000 eve time.

    Here is our corp killboard. NO CORP FORUM ATM, shiptoast on reddit if you need to.

    Our public chat is:


    We offer:

    - Experienced players who have T-shirts for almost every activity ingame!
    - Potentially great fights (these also happen apparently)
    - Hero FCs and recruitment post writers
    - Corp ship programs (cheap fit thrashers/catalysts/rifters to suicide at your nearest blob!)
    - Lots of fun and laughter (no ponies though)


    - Lots of isk or an ability to make isk. We don't run corp isk making ops. THIS ISN'T SOME RENTER ALLIANCE FFS...
    - Have teamspeak 3 installed and a working mic
    - Some PvP experience would be nice (seeing as this is a PvP corp and all)
    - BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, willingness to learn from mistakes and have fun (also sense of humour is kind of needed to survive)

    Interested in flying with us or joining? Join our public chat or hop on our public ts (details in motd of chat) and have a talk to me or Cyber Ten or any other of our members.

    Logistics are available and JF runs are made often for restocks =)

    For many common gang comps, the corp (ie the bank of Cyber Ten) will buy and move prefitted ships to our locale. These will be sold at Jita cost so there is almost always no reason not to come and whelp a ship.

    Even if you dont want to join, but still fancy roaming or having a chat, come into our pub channel and say hello anyway. We happily accept people into fleet if they are cool.

    If Cyber and I can be arsed, the NER Battle Reports might make a reappearence in this thread.

    Oh seven! (And yes, I basically put as much effort in copying Lex's post as we put into most of our roams.)
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    April 11, 2011
    I once nearly joined NER but, like, I just never got my shit together. And then I remembered I hate EVE and went inactive again. But if you don't hate EVE and want to have a laugh, I can solidly recommend these gentlemen.

    From my HTC M8M8M8
    'I'm pro life. I'm a non-smoker. I'm a pro-life non-smoker. WOO, Let the party begin!'

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    October 19, 2011
    You don't even need to log in to enjoy good company. Ask CJunkies. Always on ts, never ingame.



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