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Thread: [TMA] Busting gatecamps

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    Tbh, there are 2 gatecamp types. The ones you can solo in any really good ship (be it a CS or BS or a (properly fit) t3, or even an priate cruiser or a hac if you get the timing right) and the ones that arent soloable (i.e that have a instalocking hic, instalocking webs, logi at 50+km, damps, tds and a ton of neuts).
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    I see you have read nietzsche's little known work "beyond boobs and butts".

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    So is it not at all doable to jump in through said gate in a tanked to hell and back geddon? Nos everyone. neut the logi/command/whatever and set drones on them? Drones can track stuff.
    I guess ECM would fuck all over that tho.
    Geddon is not a bad solo ship, however here is why this doesnt work:

    1. everyone knows to primary drones in 2016.
    2. Geddon is just too weak for brawling, no tank bonus, mediocre DPS.
    3. ECM-Drones are still a thing
    4. gatecamps tend to run when they see something they cant 100% handle, Geddon is a scary ship (especially with cyno fitted)

    Unironical 0.0 soloing in larger ships got progressively harder over the years. These days it requires a lot of in-game knowledge (which group is active where in which TZ? How do i provoke a response i can manage, at least in theory?) and is THEN actually hard in terms of piloting/planning/fight initiation.

    CC is right - try a duo or trio. You'll still die a lot, but you have a lot better chances to actually kill something.
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