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Thread: [Fountain Core] TEC-NOLOGY Recruiting Competent US TZ PvP Pilots

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    April 15, 2011

    [Fountain Core] TEC-NOLOGY Recruiting Competent US TZ PvP Pilots


    We are looking to bolster our US timezone with competent PvP pilots who are self-sufficient. We live in NPC Fountain and many of us have lived here for over four years. This is the perfect place if you enjoy small scale PvP where individual piloting skills make a difference. There are currently 7 alliances within a 6 jump radius of our HQ and they are all neutral thus leading to a very target rich environment that can offer various types of content. This is a place that you can call home and we're looking for good pilots who can grow with the corp.

    Kill Board: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99003638/

    What we offer:

    - Daily roams.

    - A target rich environment.

    - Various types of PvP from blopsing to mid scale PvP engagements.

    - Various forms of isk making opportunities in order to keep your wallet healthy.

    - Ship discounts on alliance contracts.

    - Competent PvP pilots and FCs.

    What we're looking for

    - 20m SP minimum.

    - Working Mic.

    - Have to provide API prior to joining for security purposes.

    - Have to live with us in Fountain.

    - The ability to be a team player and listen to directions.

    - The ability to be self sufficient.

    I understand that a lot of players are returning to this game right now. Let us be the corp that gets you hooked back into the game. We're looking for good quality pilots because we're a good quality corp. Please Eve Mail me or message me in game if interested.
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    Is US TZ east coast or west?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zekk Pacus View Post
    Is US TZ east coast or west?

    From my HTC M8M8M8
    Both but mainly US EST. Although we have some west coasters plus Euro's that wake up early. My suggestion is to check the KB and see if the times of activity relate to your time of play. With that being said, someone from the coalition will always x up and fly with you if you're willing.



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