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Thread: TMA no/low carb diets

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    April 9, 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Keckers View Post
    You could just eat less food until you start losing fat. It's not like you're obese and need a massive lifestyle change to half your bodyweight or anything.
    yeah, i think i'll do that for now, it's strawberry season, and fuck me if i miss strawberries
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    April 29, 2011
    I went low carb about 5 years ago. best thing I ever did.

    I didn't expect it to work at all, but my fiance wanted to give it a try. So I lost about 14 cm around my belly over the first two months.
    But apart from that, there were alot of interesting changes. I've always had problems with my skin. dry skin and excema. A reputation for bad temper in the morning. A total slave to food, constantly hungry and always eating.
    All of that went away. I shit you not. Also my mental health (that I hadn't even realized was an issue) turned better. Much better. Without the constant ups and downs with my bouncing boodsugar, the dopamine levels sorted themselves outto a much mor stable level. That part alone would be worth the effort all over again.

    After the initial withdrawals pass, it's realy not that hard since candy, soda and stuff realy starts to taste gross as your tastebuds get readjusted to food not drenched in sugar. The hardest part was ditching bread.
    If you worry about missing strawberries or somethign like that, have a cheat day once a week. one day will not mess up your system. And it realy helps to keep cravings at bay when you get the idea of pancakes stuck in your head for example.

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    Yeah, it's interesting the sort of non-scale victories you can get with this way of eating. The weight was the primary thing for me, but I've also noticed I can now concentrate at work for longer, sometimes skipping breaks etc.

    One woman I know was not in a good way at all; as well as being overweight she had angina, high BP, and all the anxiety type issues that often come with these symptoms. She was on a daily cocktail of meds and seeing her doc every few weeks. A year after I saw her, not only had she lost 20kg, but she was off all but one of her meds and her doc visits had reduced to every few months.

    The wife of a friend of mine got into keto independently of me about 3 months ago and she's lost about 12kg so far. Hubby tried it mainly to support her and is surprised to find he's losing the same amount as well. He's stoked with what he's losing, but the thing that's amazed her the the most is that her anxiety/depression/mood swings have really improved as well, which she wasn't expecting at all. She might even be able to return to work someday.

    Cheats are kind of an individual thing in my experience. I've read books that allow up to 3 cheat meals a week, but I notice it straight away whenever I try even one, so I just abstain from that sort of thing completely. It's easier for me to think of carbs not quite like an allergy, but certainly an intolerance, and that's usually the word that works best when people try and offer me something unsuitable in social situations etc.
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    Losing weight and having a better diet does wonders for a wide variety of endocrinology problems and mental health. That isn't unique to low carb diets. Going low carb is just one of many ways of sorting shitty eating habits and paying attention to micronutrients.

    Low carb is one of the most annoying cults on the internet.

    edit: I am not trolling here, to respond to the negrep:

    An obese woman losing 20kg of fat would completely change her hormone profiles no matter how it was achieved. Fat is an active organ which affects the endocrine system and by extension your mood. Losing 20kg also places less stress on joints, leading to a reduction in daily pain and the obvious increase in happiness as a result. People who follow ketogenic diets almost always end up getting better micronutrient coverage than their previous diets, mainly because people who resort to keto had such disordered eating originally they were incredibly unhealthy. Micronutrient deficiency contributes to moods and general wellbeing.

    Keto isn't magic, it isn't a miracle cure (unless you are an epileptic kid) and it shouldn't be advertised as necessary to cut out entire food groups from your diet in order to lose weight. It's just nutritional extremism.
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