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Thread: [Devblog] Developer Spotlight: Sean Wang - CCP Lancer

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    Post [Devblog] Developer Spotlight: Sean Wang - CCP Lancer

    Welcome back to another Developer Spotlight from CCP Shanghai! This time we sit down with Sean “CCP Lancer” Wang, one of the programmers in charge of many of the features that you use every single day. What is your official job title with CCP? Programmer. Short and simple. What does the job actually entail? Programming. Actually, currently I am a client programmer. I focus a lot on developing new features people can directly interact with, like the user interface that you will see in Uprising 1.3, for example. I also do some programming on the backend to collect game information that I can compile and present in a meaningful way to the team. What were you up to before you got the job with CCP? Before joining CCP, I worked in the game industry as a Flash programmer for four years. A lot of my work was on games and UIs for social networking sites, using Flash and ScaleForm as my main tools. . How did you get a job with CCP? Can you talk about the process? I played EVE Online back during my time in college. One day when I was working, a headhunter called me and asked if I was interested in a position in CCP as a UI programmer. At that time I even didn’t know CCP had an office in Shanghai. I am glad now that I got that call, and of course I accepted it. After I passed a programming test at home, I went to the office and spoke with several different people at CCP. And finally I got the lucky call! What’s your favorite part about working at CCP? An open and quiet place. Any question I have I can turn to my team mates, and there will be plenty of nice people willing to help me. Also I love the working place in general. People are focused on their tasks and it always makes the office much quieter than any office I worked in before. What’s the biggest misconception players have about what you do that you’d like to clear up? A client programmer, especially UI programmer, is not always producing everything a player interacts with from top to bottom. The beautiful animations and effects come from our dear art team. The convenient control flow and UI layout come from talented designers. Programmer is the one that assembles these things and makes them all alive in game instead of it staying as an example or a draft on a whiteboard in the office waiting to be wiped out. And now the personal stuff - if there was one thing you’d be doing outside of your current job, what would it be? Can I be a game designer? I really admire that designers have the ability to create elements that make other people excited about a game and get emotional from a game. I want to have that ability one day, as well! When you’re not on the job, what do you enjoy doing? Reading books. From programming specific to non-programming books. Reading makes me feel peaceful and constantly growing. What are some of your favorite games, both past and present? I played a lot of games when I was a student. Red Alert and Age of Empires are the two among the first generation PC games I loved. After that was StarCraft and Warcraft. I like to play these games but it doesn’t mean I am a good RTS player. After that I played several MMOs. WOW, D&D Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and especially EVE Online. Nowadays games moved to mobile and currently my favorite games are Monument Valley and Hearthstone. What’s something that people don’t know about you? I will never tell anyone that I love tea more than coffee. If you could use any weapon in DUST 514 to make a sandwich, what would it be and why? Sniper rifle. I always get killed by it and I have no idea where the bullets come from. So we should just replace these with Sandwich Rifles and boom – solved my hunger problem in a second! May cost me a few clones but, hey, at least my appetite would be satisfied.

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