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Thread: The Shitposting Thread

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    July 30, 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Smarnca View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by W0lf Crendraven View Post

    True enough, the only "active" eve forum there is that actually talks about eve are the offical forums, ships and modules and warfare and tactics to be precise. Reddit is meaningless drivel and shitposting (but pathetic shitposting), the eve section on FHC is dead, the eveger and everus and similar forums are dead as well.
    You have to filter tons of trash to find nuggets of useful info on reddit, just like you used to on kugu or CAOD. At least active players post there. Whereas here probably less than 10 posters are even subbed and every discussion boils down to "playing eve in current_year, l0l".

    Eveger is pretty dead, yeah
    Eve-ru is still p. active though and still (unsurprisingly) the goto place to get a scoop on the russian side of eve politics.
    I'm subbed because CCP steals money off my PayPal every month and I dont know how to turn it off

    And it does it for three separate accounts too
    same, tbh

    Now bad@botes

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    April 10, 2011
    I tried looking at Reddit the other day, but it looks like another language to me. People talking about this and that which seems like memes overload. No actual discussions. I simply had no idea what was going on. Would see a cool image here and there, but it felt like some circle jerk, echo chamber fueled on memes.

    I guess I'm old and out of touch with what is what when it comes to the game. I think I only log in to play once a week these days just to fart around in a shit fit T1 frigate giving zero fucks.



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