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Thread: The Shitposting Thread

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    April 9, 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmin View Post
    Exactly the point. It limits the proliferation of supers and draws in new blood who likes Valkyrie more than EvE. Make it a freaking space dog fight sim/Luke-Skywalker-blowing-up-the-Deathstar lookalike.

    Trust me, people would flock to this in droves. Make it free to play too and sell proper skins and dashboard bobbleheads for all I care to monetise it.
    So ... "hey guys, welcome to eve, you are now my bitch, cuz you only do what I control you to do but you get to buy skins for your abuse ride so it's awesome" ?

    Look, I get the idea, but I do have serious doubts as to whether or not there's simply enough humans going round.

    EVE doesn't really have that many, all in all, available as a resource to draw on for what boils down to a role which drives the message of "you are nothing but an expendable meatshield / drone puppet but buy shiny and be happy about it".

    There's a lot CCP can do, but going that near to a perception wall would not be their brightest choice ever. It would require a completely different approach, taking things much more toward the old Homeworld / Privateer inspiration points, but requiring a third track of account type.

    I'm not saying it's a bad thing. But there are some innate risks here. I can see some really nice spinoff options, but very conditionally. Also, it would still require CCP to invest some substantional resources in just the game design part.
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    April 11, 2011
    Looking at my corp there seems to be a 6 accounts average, 4 accounts minimum except for me. I have 2 because a fax alt is a must and that account i only sub when needed.

    So Yeah, seems the same for the Alliance, there are really not that many warm bodies playing. If every fighter group would be a player that is just 6 for a vanilla carrier. Good luck getting so many new players or 6 accounts multiboxers.

    In Eve news. Timer ping pong without real results, co2 titan just died while everybody went apeshit with pings and rush fleets (to hot in house so i didnt join), one good guy fleet still logged off in uax. Rush of new cap buying on alts katching.

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