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Thread: FHC Issues Thread

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    April 9, 2011
    Someone fix the HTTPS certificate on this forum already, sheesh

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    April 10, 2011
    T L A
    Implying it ever had one...
    Quote Originally Posted by QuackBot View Post
    Idk about that, and i'm fucking stupid.

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    April 9, 2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by Evelgrivion View Post
    Someone fix the HTTPS certificate on this forum already, sheesh
    This. It's been a month already?

    Quote Originally Posted by Narmio
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    April 10, 2011
    I asked about this back in 2017, got an answer about cloudflare.

    Used the search function, found this explanation by AWOLtrox from 2016: http://failheap-challenge.com/showth...ps#post1554350
    Quote Originally Posted by EntroX View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by root View Post
    Also can we get https yet?
    It's so easy now with letsencrypt.
    not as simple as that, its impossible to fully implement SSL in FHC since i allow for remote images (on signatures/avatars which means it would say not everything is encrypted) and even if i wanted to live with that due to the way the forum its set up (or at least that was the case when i originally did it, seems like it may be possible right now) for load balancing SSL is not supported (load balancer -> 3 web servers -> database master/slave)

    edit: yeah it seems they finally added SSL support on the software i use for load balancing, maybe ill look at it
    but nothing happened
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    WTF I hate white people now...



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