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Thread: [Devblog] Developer Spotlight: Gergely Guttmann - CCP Archduke

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    Post [Devblog] Developer Spotlight: Gergely Guttmann - CCP Archduke

    Today we are going to take a look to one of the most famous CCP Devs around due to the nature of his work. He is part of the DUST 514 Customer Support team, and he is CCP Archduke. If you ever filed a support ticket regarding DUST 514, there is a high chance that it was resolved by him. So without further ado…
    What is your official job title with CCP? Game Master is my official title within CCP! What does the job actually entail? Managing DUST 514 Customer Support, training GMs to handle DUST 514 issues, answering Support Tickets for DUST 514 and EVE Online, being a liaison between the Reykjavik office and Shanghai, in-game bug-hunting and testing. What were you up to before you got the job with CCP? Managing German Customer Support and Technical Translations at an international electronics repair company in the UK, liaison between the company and the German insurance partners. How did you get a job with CCP? Can you talk about the process? I had no idea I was going to work for CCP. I applied for a German Customer Support job in the UK, possibly involving computer games. I had an interesting and enjoyable interview where I first met a Scotsman who would later become my Team Lead and take the name GM Scotsman. There was a general nerd-test and a thorough German test, both of which went pretty well. I was then working from the UK through a services partner for a bit over a year, until one day Lead GM Grave casually asked me if I want to move to Reykjavik to work on DUST 514/EVE Online full time. What’s your favorite part about working at CCP? Mercenaries in DUST 514 and Pilots in EVE Online are a unique and amazing group of people, Working with CCP allows me to be in constant and close contact with this playerbase. Fanfest is incredible – being there wearing a DEV-shirt is most likely what it’s like being a rock-star. I have met countless EVE Online and DUST 514 players in person over the course of the 3 Fanfests I’ve been to so far, and I hope to see them again! Then there’s also PERMABAND, Iceland being beautiful, and a great group of people working at CCP from all over the world! What’s the biggest misconception players have about what you do that you’d like to clear up? Some players seem to assume that I/we/ use automated replies. This may be partially true – there are automated system messages sent out when we receive a ticket or when one is closed, but these are specifically stating that they are automated messages. I sure hope nobody ever expects me to type “Hello, this is GM Archduke. We thank you for contacting the DUST 514/EVE Online Customer Support Team.” in every single one of the hundreds of ticket replies I send out a week. While we may rely on some standard paragraphs as some parts of our replies will always be very similar/the same, replies from an actual GM name are usually not automated, but typed in after a thorough investigation and sometimes after banging my head against the wall or my desk, depending on the ticket and the issue at hand. And now the personal stuff - if there was one thing you’d be doing outside of your current job, what would it be? I’d love to live in a post-apocalyptic world /zombie apocalypse maybe/, trying to survive as long as possible. As for a job in our normal and boring old world, I’d love to be able to live off of writing science fiction and fantasy. When you’re not on the job, what do you enjoy doing? These days I prefer indoor activities. I watch a lot of TV shows, mostly of the sci-fi spectrum, play some video games, smoke my shisha /not promoting smoking in any way, smoking is bad/. We play some board games and classic RPG /D&D, Call of Cthulhu etc./ with other Game Masters, which is nice, but I’m mostly just holed up in my apartment practicing pool and just generally not being extremely active. Occasionally I read and write, mostly science fiction and fantasy. What are some of your favorite games, both past and present? Baldur’s Gate is an all-time favorite, with the Fallout series being a close second. As for FPS, Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty were the best in my book, later on me and my pals started playing Halo – which was pretty good, but I could never keep up with the expansions and new releases. DUST 514 with all the potential and all the in-game frustration became one of my current favorites, not to mention some internal playtests that I shouldn’t even talk about. I also had a rather long phase of playing nothing other than Minecraft – a lovely game where I had an awesome time building the Dark Elf town of Svartalfaheim out of Netherworld material only. This was later replaced with Skyrim, a game that was an experience in more ways than one. Apart from these, I’m interested in playing any games with Marvel superheroes – currently addicted to the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Yeah I know, I’m a geek. What’s something that people don’t know about you? My secrets. Most people also don’t know that I’m Hungarian, but that’s not really a secret. Being a stereotypical Hungarian, I love pálinka, spicy food and archery. If you could use any weapon in DUST 514 to make a sandwich, what would it be and why? An SMG between an HMG and a Laser rifle, if I’m making a sandwich out of weapons – like on my modified officer dropsuit. A Nova Knife if I’m making a sandwich out of traditional ingredients, or the crushed clones of my enemies. I could also imagine toasting bread and grilling cheese on the barrel of my HMG after slaughtering a full squad of foolish Mercenaries who chose the wrong side in a battle.

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    Dust still have devs?

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    Dust servers are still up?

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    I dusted my house yesterday, can confirm there is no more dust.
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