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Thread: Stellaris - Fully Manual Austerity Hetro Space Capitalism

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    July 31, 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrehl View Post
    After spanking a Hive host neighbor of mine for several wars, I took one of his planets and left him a couple of systems to snatch later on. Thing is, on said planet I have zero robot production (I'm machine empire). I built an assembly, but otherwise I can't seem to do shit to the main building and replace it. His pops are slowly dying out (superior machine overlords, so neat) but with 1 pop growth per month this world is.. Suboptimal.

    Can I for example move all my pops away, destroy all buildings and abandon the planet? The idea is to recolonize it afterwards.
    Usually I wouldn't bother, but the district layout is great.
    I believe so if you want to speed up the planet being abandonded, leave it with 1 pop left, that will die then, and poof.

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    Just a heads up to all my nerd bros, the update of Star Trek: New Horizons dropped today.

    Engage motherfuckas!



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