We are continuing our streak of Dev Spotlights from Team Storm Raiders! This time we are sitting down with Gu Qian, CCP Phoenix, to hear about her career as a Test Lead for DUST 514 and what she did for the game so far. What is your official job title with CCP?
I worked as a Test Lead for DUST 514 before, but at the beginning of this year, I moved to production team and became a producer!
What does the job actually entail?
When I worked in QA department, I was responsible for various features. First of all, I was mainly responsible for TRC (Technical Requirements Checklist) testing and build submission (to our partners at SONY). I’ve contributed to all releases since Closed Beta. Then, there were live events. When we received a proposal for a new live event, I would work with the teams, figure out if it’s doable, and then make it happen. I was also responsible for regular hotfixes. I collected bugs from DUST 514 Forums, Customer Support - CCP Archduke, Development - CCP Rattati and Community - CCP Frame, and went on to getting the bugs fixed and published to the live servers.
What were you up to before you got the job with CCP?
I worked for five years at Virtuos, a famous game outsourcing studio in China. I started as a junior tester and then senior tester. After that, I concentrated on certification testing, such as TRC testing for SONY, TCR testing for Microsoft, and LotCheck testing for Nintendo. Most of those projects I participated in passed Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo QA instantly, without the need to re-submit anything.
How did you get a job with CCP? Can you talk about the process?
As I said before, I worked at Virtuos for 5 years, but hadn’t got a big promotion. I thought it was time to move on. Then my friend, a colleague at Virtuos, suggested that I try to join CCP. I submitted my Resume and got a chance for an interview. When I came here, I talked to Bing (CCP Time Runner), QA manager at that time, for a while, and then he asked the whole QA team to join the interview. Most of them kept asking me various questions, serious or interesting, which was very impressive. Another impressive thing was that Bing strongly recommended the chairs CCP was using, that they were the best chairs in the world. (Once I saw those chairs I totally wanted to say yes right that second! ) After two more meetings with Bing over the next couple weeks, I finally got the offer and joined CCP.
What’s your favorite part about working at CCP?
Everyone in CCP can work, think, and speak freely. CCP is so open that I can learn much skills and gain knowledge beyond just what I need at my position. As a tester before, I don’t test the game only, I also make the game in different ways, like live events, like Hotfix Alpha, Bravo, etc.
What’s the biggest misconception players have about what you do that you’d like to clear up?
I don’t think there would be some misconception. Usually I hide myself behind the scenes. But remember - I am always working at the frontline, and trying my best to make game better for all our players! Working overtime is definitely something that you get used to when you have to wait for the downtime to happen and make sure that changes you perform on TQ are all good to go.
And now the personal stuff - if there was one thing you’d be doing outside of your current job, what would it be?
Travelling and photography. During the vacation, I always go outside - near or far, inbound or abroad. I like to see different cultures, try different delicacies, and take photos for those eternal memories. And I like sharing those wonderful experience with my friends on my social media – WeChat, QQ, and others.
When you’re not on the job, what do you enjoy doing?
Reading. I like detective stories. And I also like watching detective drama series. If you have good detective stories in hand, why not share it with me?
What are some of your favorite games, both past and present?
I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for several years. I made a lot of friends from online to offline. In addition, I sometimes play sports games with my family on various consoles (PS3/PS4, Xbox 360/One) during weekends. If on a trip, I would play some puzzle games like Sudoku, or causal games like Angry Birds or Candy Crash for pure time killing.
What’s something that people don’t know about you?
To be frank, I am not good at shooters. When playing DUST 514, I prefer to be a logi for my teammates. Maybe I am not the best one in the team, but I always have your back – even in death!
If you could use any weapon in DUST 514 to make a sandwich, what would it be and why?
I would prefer Nanite Injector. Once the mysterious nanites fully blend in with my sandwich, magical things can happen!

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