Dear players,
CCP Rattati here again, and now I get the pleasure of presenting some of the new SKINs and opportunities they have given us. At Fanfest, we discussed ways to increase the DUST 514 connection to EVE Online by building on the foundation of the shared universe we inhabit, New Eden. And if there is anything that still amazes us about EVE Online, it is the stunning visuals of EVE Online ships and the deep lore that is behind each of the Empire Factions, their sub-Factions and Pirates, of course. Never forget the Pirates.
So when we were discussing and deciding the development of the new SKINs, we jumped on the opportunity to pay homage to our flying brethren, putting the focus squarely on the Empire Factions. And we are just dipping our toes into those deep waters, thousands of ships and even more variety now that they are introducing SKINs as well. However, we didn’t want to just copy colors, so the new SKINs will not be carbon copies. Contrasts and colors, overall, need to be sharper and crisper to be enjoyed fully in DUST 514, as the lighting and textures aren’t the same between the games.
A short TLDR first,on what to expect, and then we can dive into the pretty pictures.
The first batch of SKINs will be in three different sections (12 in total) and go live on April 28th, with the fourth section coming on the following weeks. A single SKIN works on a single combination of Dropsuit Size and Faction, i.e. an AM-H SKIN works on any Large Amarr Dropsuit (Basic, Sentinel and Commando), but not on an Amarr Medium (Basic, Assault and Logistics ) or Amarr Light (Basic and Scout). And since the SKINs are BPO’s, you can use the same one across all of your Large Amarr Loadouts - militia, standard, advanced and prototype. Their names below and in-game denote exactly which Faction and Dropsuit combination they apply to.
Empire Faction SKINs (‘Legacy&rsquo

With the ‘Legacy’ SKINs we wanted to establish the essence of each of the Empire Factions, the theme that immediately tells you whether it’s Amarr, Caldari, Gallente or Minmatar. The “classic look”, if you will. These SKINs mainly take after the Civilian class of EVE Online ships, and/or the base faction visuals established in DUST 514. Light tan and gold for Amarr, the gray and blue-black of the Caldari, deep blue-green for Duvolle and rusty brown for Minmatar. They will be available for AUR in the Marketplace.
'Legacy' Amarr Medium SKIN

'Legacy' Caldari Heavy SKIN

'Legacy' Gallente Light SKIN

'Legacy' Minmatar Medium SKIN


With these, we are looking at the Gallente and Caldari Corporations, the Amarrian Great Houses and the Tribes of the Minmatar. They will be available for AUR in the Marketplace.
'Kador' Amarr Light SKIN

'Ishukone' Caldari Medium SKIN

'Duvolle' Gallente Heavy SKIN

'Thukker' Minmatar Light SKIN


These iconic entities are finally coming to DUST 514. We tailored the first batch to each of the 4 origin Factions, but they will not be limited to those in the future. They will be available in Strongboxes and Salvage, as they are contraband, and stemming from outlaws, not legal means.
'Blood Raiders' Amarr Heavy SKIN

'Guristas' Caldari Light SKIN

'Serpentis' Gallente Medium SKIN

'Angel Cartel' Minmatar Heavy SKIN

‘LOYALTY’ SKINs (‘Marine Issue&rsquo

These SKINs will be deployed a little later to the proper Loyalty Stores in the Marketplace. We had a lot of deep lore conversations, specifically on the naming. As the EVE Online counterparts are named “Navy Issue”, and in most military organizations, the Navy and Marines are two sides of the same coin, we are happy to introduce the ‘Marine Issue’ SKINs. They will be available for ISK and LP, in the Loyalty Stores, so fully earnable through playing Factional Warfare.
Imperial 'Marine Issue' Amarr Light, Medium and Heavy SKIN
State 'Marine Issue' Caldari Light, Medium and Heavy SKIN
Federation 'Marine Issue' Gallente Light, Medium and Heavy SKIN
Republic 'Marine Issue' Minmatar Light Medium and Heavy SKIN

That’s all from us for now, and now go enjoy the pictures!

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