Fellow Mercs!
CCP Rattati here to inform you of the latest changes to matchmaking. Since the introduction of the New Player Academy, we have been experimenting with its duration and the graduation threshold of new players into the general population, trying to make sure that they have learned what’s necessary before tackling the more difficult challenges of DUST 514. For many players this is a difficult transition, and in many cases, overwhelmingly frustrating.
In order to make this transition easier, we have added a secondary layer to the matchmaker using an ELO (True Skill) methodology, where a player’s natural skill is predicted by numerical value, based on their wins and losses. To be absolutely certain, we have taken the steps to correlate this value with a number of skill ratios, such as KDR (Kill Death Ratio) and WP/D (War Points per Death Ratio), and finally W/L (Win Loss Ratio) and are certain of the system’s merit.
We have also taken steps to make sure that veterans with secondary characters do not enter the Academy again, to minimize the skill disparity between players.
We are also happy to report that the Standard Deviation of Skill, within each battle has reduced dramatically, by over 50%. That means that the spread of skill has reduced for every battle, high skill players fighting high skill players, and vice versa, greatly reducing the number of battles where new players are up against unfair odds.
Combined with the Teambuilder logic improvement added last fall, we are certain that our Public Contracts battles are now as balanced as possible, where players are matched on skill after getting the necessary training and protection in the Academy. These results are based on multiple before-and-after analyses on per-team battle statistics, such as: War Points, ISK Destroyed, Average and Sum of Skill, as well as the Remaining Clones and MCC health of the winning team. All these statistical deltas or differences should be reduced if teams are balanced, and so far, they are all lower than before.
We also added a few configurable attributes, and will continue to tweak and hone them over time to make for an even better experience for all players.
See you in Battle, mercs!

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